Implementation Is Key

Now that the international community has reached a consensus and, in the latest U.N. Security Council resolution, decided to combat the Islamic State and al-Nusra in Syria and Iraq, the time has come for the United States to come down from its ivory tower and acknowledge the colossal wrongs it has perpetrated against the Syrian and Iraqi peoples. It allowed terrorism to meddle with their lives and destinies, a mistake that allowed the Islamic State, a terrorist organization, to swell into a monster striking blindly in all directions.

We do not believe that the United States and those standing alongside it are ignorant of the wrongs they have perpetrated against our peoples through their systematic support of terrorism. We can be sure that they know where the incubators that produce terrorism and the corridors and crossings that facilitate its movement are located.

The political step taken by the United Nations will not be enough to fight terrorism unless that step is implemented seriously. For that to happen, the United States, the original sponsor of terrorism around the world, must restrain the countries that have caused terrorism to get as far as it has. It must direct the countries under its banner to cease their material, military and logistical support for terrorism. It is no use for Saudi Arabia — the Kingdom of Evil — to contribute 100 million dollars to the U.N. to combat terrorism when it is the one that opened the doors of its storerooms to the terrorists, concealed Saudi donations to this organization made with the knowledge of the United States and its treasurer and established the terrorist groups the Islamic State and al-Nusra. Similarly, Saudi Arabia spawned the moderate counterparts and derivatives of the Islamic State and al-Nusra to stop the Geneva conference from succeeding eight months ago.

The whole world has realized which countries are standing behind the Islamic State, al-Nusra and al-Qaida, and supporting terrorism. Can Turkey stop spreading weapons and terrorists into Syria and Iraq? Can the United States eliminate the sources of terrorism in the Kingdom of Evil (Saudi Arabia) and stop it from forming Wahhabi terrorist gangs and funding terrorists in Jordan, which has occurred under the auspices of the United States itself?* That is, if the United States really wants to fight terrorism.

Many legitimate questions are being raised in this period, after U.N. Security Council Resolution 2170.** The way to implement effective measures is already known; it requires implementation mechanisms, the first of which is acknowledgement of the wrongs perpetrated against the Arab Syrian people. They have been burned by terrorism supported by America, Turkey, the Wahhabi Kingdom of Evil, the Gulf countries and all the countries that have fueled the fire of animosity in Syria for more than three years.

Secondly, if the matter is serious, then Turkey must close its open border crossings. Likewise, Saudi funding to Wahhabi terrorist gangs must cease. Principally, though, the United States must prevent terrorists from being sent to Syria and Iraq and have those running its operations there bring the mercenaries back from all regions.

The international community and the countries of the Middle East are waiting for the United States to take those practical measures to help uproot terrorism in our region and eliminate it. Terrorism took root and established its own sources of funding when the Islamic State seized massive amounts of money from the Mosul Bank last June and when it took over oil resources in the region and began selling low-priced oil to Turkey and, via Turkey, to Europe. This commercial gain encourages Turkey to quietly cooperate with the Islamic State and stay silent about the fact that the group is holding its consul and 38 others captive. Complaining to the American patron did not help secure their release.

Who would buy the oil that the Islamic State has stolen from Syrian and Iraqi wells if this organization did not have those helping it sell the oil and finance its criminal activity?

Hence, if the United States is serious about fighting terrorism, a way to prevent this oil from being bought and leaving the countries from which it is stolen must be found. Thus far, the United States has not been ready to do so.

Apologizing to the Syrian people for what the United States, Turkey and the Saudi Kingdom of Evil have done is a necessary precursor for combatting terrorism — unless the fight against terror is nothing more than ink on paper and the latest Security Council resolution is to be added to the long list of resolutions whose implementation has been obstructed by the United States and its allies. We know how they dealt with the dozens of the international resolutions on Palestine and the Golan Heights. Thanks to America’s obstruction, the famous resolutions 242-388 and many since never exited through the doors of the Security Council and made their way towards implementation.

Hence, the whole matter is nothing more than an exercise in propaganda. The coming days will reveal the truth of that.

As for us, the rightful Syrian and Iraqi owners of the land, we must not rely on the Security Council. May cooperation between the two sister countries and the noble people in the region to fight terrorism on the ground continue, for those burned by terrorism are unlike those watching it from afar.

*Editor’s Note: “Wahhabi” refers to a sect of Sunni Islam which makes up the dominant minority in Saudi Arabia. The author uses the phrases “Kingdom of Evil” and “the Wahhabi Kingdom of Evil” to designate Saudi Arabia.

**Editor’s Note: Resolution 2170 is directed at curbing the power of the world’s richest terrorist organizations, which include the Islamic State, al-Nusra and others groups affiliated with al-Qaida.

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