Obama Has Another Attack of Self-Confidence

During the NATO summit, President Barack Obama — for no apparent reason — stated that he was confident that the agreement of a truce between the Donetsk People’s Republic, Lugansk People’s Republic and Ukraine had been achieved only because of the sanctions imposed on Russia. He meant that Moscow saw the determination of the West, came to the right conclusions, and backed down. [Obama] then developed this idea even further, promising that Washington and Brussels will continue to “deepen and broaden” sanctions against Russia.

Mr. Obama’s slip made it clear that Washington uses any pretexts to fight with Russia, or invents them when there aren’t any. However, this is no longer a secret. There was a reason behind the fact that before the NATO summit, British Prime Minister David Cameron declared that finally, there was a real opportunity to “cause irreparable harm to the Russian economy.” This once again shows the true attitude of the West toward Russia in the midst of all the public talks about the development of democracy, the pursuit of peace and partnership.

Russia, however, is being left out. It is interesting that the American president will soon surpass his predecessor, George W. Bush, Jr., on making a fool out of himself with the number of absurd statements he makes. He surprises everyone with the announcement of a referendum in Kosovo, or makes up new pages for Russian history. He must be suffering not only from sclerosis, but also from some psychological disorder, for attributing other people’s actions to himself.

First, it was Russia that insisted on a ceasefire and the establishment of a truce at the beginning of April in Geneva. A call for a truce accompanied each statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry. At the same time, the states of the “civilized world” did everything to fan the flames of war, and praised Poroshenko’s “peace plan,” which initially could not satisfy one of the parties in the conflict. Obama chose not to notice the fact that Russia was not a party of the conflict, and the truce was to be concluded between the republics of Novorossiya and Kiev.

Obama speaks of the “positive” effect of sanctions and appropriates to himself a major role in achieving truce, although a couple of days ago, when he was in Estonia, the news about a possible truce caught him so off guard that he could not even make a brief comment, offering an excuse that he “did not know all the details.” This is not the first time Obama appropriates others’ actions —achievements, of course. Exactly the same thing happened in the history of Syria, when the head of the White House was at an absolute dead end and a step away from bombing a sovereign state and a member of the United Nations. At that time, Moscow helped him by proposing a plan for the destruction of chemical weapons in Damascus.

The resolution of the crisis not only saved the planet’s civilization, but also the face of the Nobel Peace Prize winner occupying the White House. Just a few months later, Washington renamed Putin’s proposal to Obama’s plan and began to massively implement this idea internationally through friendly media.

It is clearly not worth it to expect anything different from the current administration. Lately, Obama’s team surprises the world with unbalanced and frankly ridiculous statements. Some team members even contradict one another, while Obama contradicts them in turn — as was the case recently with Psaki.

One thing unites them all — a blind belief that the United States of America is allowed everything in this universe, while Russia and everyone else are only allowed to do what Washington allows them to do. If State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf officially states that the training of Russian troops in the territory of the Russian Federation is a provocation, while military maneuvers of the United States and NATO in Ukraine, on the contrary, works to stabilize the situation, then, the whole world should believe it; the same goes when she says that the surface-to-air missile systems sent across the Ukraine border are offensive weapons, overturning the view of experts and specialists. Whoever believes differently is a victim of Kremlin propaganda because Obama is absolutely sure about that. Ipso facto, as always, this [claim] requires no evidence from Washington.

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