Drone Attack in Kurram Agency; US Should Abide by Intelligence Sharing Agreement

Four people were killed and one injured in a U.S. drone attack in the Shahidano Dhand area of Pakistan’s Kurram Agency, bordering Afghanistan. The attack killed an important terrorist commander and three other individuals.

U.S. drone strikes have been taking place in Pakistan for the past several years; against which Pakistan has protested vehemently. It is true that the attacks often kill terrorists working against Pakistan; however, drone attacks carried out without permission from Pakistan are a violation of the country’s independence and sovereignty. Countries around the world have raised their voices against these attacks. As for yesterday’s drone attack on Kurram Agency, there has been no reaction to it from Pakistan’s Department of Foreign Affairs or from its military circles. This creates the impression that the action is acceptable.

Drone attacks conducted within Pakistan are in clear violation of Pakistan’s independence and sovereignty. An agreement on information sharing is in place between Pakistan and America. Further, Pakistan also possesses drones, and the Pakistan Air Force is part of the country’s Zarb-e-Azb operation directed against terrorists. In accordance with the intelligence sharing agreement, the U.S. should provide Pakistan with information about terrorist havens so that it may take action against the terrorists itself.

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