At First-Grade Level

The most childish U.S. president ever wants to sell himself as a hard worker.

A legendary new tweet from the most childish U.S. president ever: “I probably work more hours than almost any past president.” Donald Trump is reacting to the news that his workload for the day is below that of a first-grader after his private calendar was made public.

While elsewhere in the world the 12-hour workday is under discussion, the U.S. president assures us, with some handwringing, that he works “probably almost” as much, because he’s basically being accused of working 12 hours all week.

Of course, one could ask whether it would even be good for the world if Trump worked more. (Some consider what he does now already to be too much.) But Trump himself is aiming to sell himself as a hard worker, in just the same way he declared prior to his election that he didn’t take as much vacation as Barack Obama did.

That has proven to be true, by the way. Trump doesn’t take nearly as much vacation as Obama—he takes much more. It’s all a question of perspective.

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