Trumpists Demolish the Capitol

The mob interrupted the congressional process of certifying the presidential election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. I began watching the live broadcast while Donald Trump supporters gathered in front of the Capitol. The crowd grew and tensions rose. News channels around the world showed what followed. But nobody, including Trump, who is behind the rebellion, knows what will happen next.

Western leaders, including Boris Johnson, issued statements expressing solidarity with America and its democracy. One can sense their astonishment that an incumbent U.S. president himself is doing nothing to defend it. Leaders and average citizens of the free world cannot wrap their heads around it. Only President Andrzej Duda seemed to wink at the events and instead of shedding any tears, said it was America’s affair. On the other hand, the despots seem to be enjoying the paroxysm of chaos Trump has caused the most powerful country in the world under the banner of “Make America Great Again.”

Will Trump answer for it? Instead of appealing for an immediate end to the siege and destruction of the Capitol and warning the perpetrators about the serious consequences of their actions, Trump reiterated the lie that the election had been stolen from him and called the rebels exceptional people! American democracy cannot tolerate this if it wants to survive.

Trump reacted to the dramatic events like someone who is emotionally unstable; America, destabilized by the incumbent president, cannot let that happen. A president may be removed from office if he suffers from serious illness. The Constitution has a provision for that.

There are still two weeks left before Biden and Harris are sworn in. It will be two long weeks.

And Jan. 6 will be added to the list of tragic dates in the history of the United States. Only this time, the temple of American democracy was not attacked by Arabs, Russians or the Chinese, but by American citizens who were manipulated by Trump. But sometimes history can be fair. The double victory of Democratic Senate candidates in Georgia gives the Democratic Party control over the Senate. And this is the political legacy of Trump’s presidency: Republicans have lost the presidency, the House of Representatives and the Senate. That’s everything.

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