Globalists Set About Destroying the US in Favor of China

Global corporations played a decisive role in ousting Donald Trump.

Historians are still arguing about the event that finally finished off the Roman Empire, that is to say, an event after which nothing could have saved Rome.

But I am convinced that there will be unanimous consensus on such an event concerning the United States. The event that has marked the imminent demise of America as a global empire occurred on Jan. 16.

And what happened on this day? On this day, the international cross-border payment system SWIFT and the People’s Bank of China registered as a joint company known as Finance Gateway Information Service Limited, whose task will be the final development of the digital yuan.

For the U.S., this project means its imminent downfall because the digital yuan knocks out the last trump card that forms the basis of U.S. global hegemony: the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, and America’s ability to impose sanctions on its adversaries.

The implementation of the digital yuan project:

• will provide an opportunity to make the digital yuan an international reserve currency; and

• will deprive the U.S. of the opportunity to impose sanctions on those companies that conduct transactions in dollars, since the U.S. government will not be able to detect and prevent such transactions at all.

U.S. dominance is now based solely on the dollar as a reserve currency. America has finally lost its famous “soft power,” and has turned into a country of corporate fascism. The last remaining bastion is the dollar. But the dollar will also collapse in the coming years, and that will be the end. The disintegration and the emergence of several separate countries on the site of the former United States will follow its demise.

The remarkable fact is that guaranteed and free access to the Chinese market turned out to be more important to American global corporations than national pride, and that took the most active part in destroying the United States as a global hegemon. Global corporations played a decisive role in ousting Trump, who put the struggle with China for hegemony at the forefront of his foreign policy.

Stepping over Trump’s political corpse, global financial players immediately set about creating a digital yuan that will allow them to avoid the sanctions of their own government.

They don’t much care much that a consequence of this will be the decline of the United States. That is why they are transnational corporations. And they, like the proletariat according to Marx, have no homeland.

Extremes attract each other. That is why corporations support the mob and destroy the middle class in every possible way. It is all Orwellian.

The author, Andrii Holovachov, is a political expert.

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