Concocting Lies about Xinjiang Is a Clumsy Performance

Today’s Xinjiang is in the most prosperous period of development in its history; it has achieved unprecedented success in its economic and social development and the improved livelihood of its people. This is an undeniable fact.

Since 2018, more than 1,200 people from more than 100 countries have visited Xinjiang, including members of the United Nations and foreign diplomatic envoys to China. They witnessed firsthand the prosperity and stable growth within the region, and one after another praised the counterterrorist and anti-extremist efforts there, saying they deserved to be studied as models.

Facts speak louder than empty words. However, a small handful of people can’t let go of the lies. They emerge repeatedly to obscure facts and mislead the public. The stunning lack of thought behind the emotionally dramatic cries against “genocide” and “forced sterilization” is shocking and outlandish.

In the article “The Lies and Truth on Xinjiang,” recently published in Xinhua, actors like Mike Pompeo, Adrian Zenz, Zumrat Dawut, Mihrigul Tursun and others who slandered China were ruthlessly exposed. They misrepresent the facts, fabricate stories out of nothing and deliberately concoct mountains of lies surrounding Xinjiang. With the help of foreign media like the BBC, CNN and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, they spread false reports in an attempt to deceive the international community and disrupt and damage Xinjiang’s stability and growth. Their intentions are utterly malicious.

These lies will never earn the people’s trust; they will only temporarily deceive the world. Pakistan Senate Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Mushahid Hussain Syed stated that some Western politicians’ lies about Xinjiang don’t hold water. Thailand’s former vice president, Phinij Jarusombat, said that other countries will not believe this utter slander.

It’s a farce that will never disturb the region’s prosperity, but will only reveal the speakers’ malicious intentions. “Pompeo, shut your dirty mouth!” “We firmly oppose interference in Xinjiang’s development!” “In the end, the grey clouds can’t block out the sun; lies won’t block out the truth.” “No matter who intends to sow chaos in Xinjiang, they won’t succeed in destroying its stability, and they won’t stop its forward progress.” These are the powerful and resounding messages coming from the Chinese government and the people of Xinjiang.

Xinjiang doesn’t have a problem with ethnicity, religion or human rights; it faces a problem of terrorism and separatism. The Chinese government has lawfully launched counterterrorist and anti-extremist efforts in Xinjiang to protect the lives of the public, earning the sincere endorsement of many ethnic groups.

The best weapon for cutting down the lies about Xinjiang is the continuation of its stable growth and the peaceful prosperity of the variety of ethnic groups there. Faced with the truth and popular will, the schemes by various Western anti-Chinese forces to interfere in China’s internal affairs will never succeed.

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