Whomever US Chooses To Stand with Will Be Unlucky



United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken issued a statement last Friday condemning the sentences imposed on Lee Cheuk-yan, Martin Lee, and others by Hong Kong courts. Shockingly, he also said that the United States “will continue to stand with Hong Kongers.” This sentence is the opposite of reality, as, in fact, the U.S. has been and will continue to stand with the enemies of Hong Kong, brutally interfering with the rule of law and judicial independence in Hong Kong.

Who are Cheuk-yan and Lee? They are anti-China traitors and rioters who colluded with foreign forces to promote Hong Kong’s independence. They not only took the lead in rallying riotous protesters and participated in illegal demonstrations, but also incited and plotted subversion and separatist actions, turning a perfectly good Hong Kong into a rampantly violent place and greatly harming the vital interests of all Hong Kong citizens. If these chief culprits are not brought to justice, how can Hong Kong restore order?

Hong Kong is a society under the rule of law. The trials of Cheuk-yan, Lee and others were conducted in strict accordance with the Basic Law and Hong Kong’s judicial procedures. The basis for conviction is clearly stated in the verdict, and anyone can refer to it on the website of the Hong Kong judiciary. The judgments against these leaders of Hong Kong’s unrest will objectively help restore Hong Kong’s judicial authority and the confidence of Hong Kong citizens in the rule of law as soon as possible, both of which have been severely damaged by the rioters.

However, the more just such a judgment is, the more the U.S. and the West cannot accept it. During a chaotic period in Hong Kong, verdicts that sympathized with and supported violent rioters all won the support of the U.S. and the West. Now that the ringleader of the protesters has been sentenced, they have immediately jumped up to place blame. They originally painted Cheuk-yan and Lee as heroes, and in their eyes, these leaders of the riots were not only undeservedly sanctioned by the law but should in fact have received an award.

Blinken’s statement is completely detached from the facts, blatantly violates the basic principles of international law and noninterference in the internal affairs of other countries, and reflects his contempt for the spirit of the law. It represents the outright hypocrisy and double standards of the U.S. and the West toward the Hong Kong issue. The U.S. and the West are fundamentally refusing to consider the stability and well-being of Hong Kong and its citizens; what they really care about is manipulating politics. They regard Hong Kong as a bridgehead for interfering in China, and for this reason, they do not hesitate to openly support the rioters and stand in opposition to the rule of law and order in Hong Kong. Without them behind the scenes, Hong Kong would not be facing any chaos at all. Obviously, they will not let the matter go unless Hong Kong is transformed into a beautiful situation.

Fortunately, Hong Kong is not a place where the U.S. and the West can do whatever they want. The Central Government and all patriotic people who love Hong Kong cannot allow the rioters to ruin Hong Kong.

Once the Hong Kong rioters colluded with anti-China forces in the West, chaos ran rampant. But when the Central Government and Hong Kong citizens returned to their senses, the forces of chaos were immediately suppressed. With the implementation of Hong Kong’s National Security Law and the advancement of Hong Kong’s electoral system reform, which implements the principle that patriots rule Hong Kong, the situation has reversed, and stability and prosperity have been firmly guaranteed. The forces of chaos in Hong Kong are nearly at a dead end. No matter how much the U.S. and the West instigate unrest or interfere, it will be no use. We will never leave Hong Kong’s destiny in the hands of outsiders.

There is an interesting phenomenon in how the U.S. always chooses to “stand with” someone whether it takes action or not, like a centipede. Moreover, whomever the U.S. chooses to stand with will be unlucky. This is because Washington is actually asking the other party to stand with the United States, to help fight regimes that Washington doesn’t like, and act as cannon fodder for American interests. The U.S. needs only to write a few blank checks and take advantage of the profits, which of course is a good deal for Washington, to rush a bunch of bodies to the front line. But who knows if Cheuk-yan and his ilk, who are squatting in prison, realize this.

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