Was America Defeated in Afghanistan?

Many know how America paved the way for ousting the Soviets from Afghanistan, and how it supported the Afghan mujahedeen at the time by supplying them with ground-to-air missiles. As a result, the Soviets found themselves facing strong determination and left the fight. Many are also aware that America built an armed wing of university students that became known as the Taliban.

The billionaire Osama bin Laden was not a religious man, but the jackals of U.S. intelligence recruited and tricked him into quitting the world of oil, money, trade and export. He was transformed into a cleric who led armed groups to form al-Qaida. To hide behind religion, al-Qaida chose Islam as its official identity, and bin Laden adopted Saudi Arabia’s fatwas, along with those of the Takfirist Wahabbi.

The occupation of Afghanistan was not a result of the 9/11 attacks; rather, the occupation was a pretense for George W. Bush to act. If he had really been serious about punishment, Saudi Arabia would have been the first target. The famous Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, supported by Donald Trump, was a turning point in that context, but at the cost of withdrawing money from American banks. We stand at a crossroads. Who is to blame for the 9/11 attacks?

Analysts who are investigating these explosions and the mistakes made by the agencies that supervised them agencies have turned up much new information. Among the most important information that has emerged is that no Jews were in the twin towers! Most of those who operated these kinds of towers are Jews. Logically, this means that Israel was deeply involved. How else can you explain why Jews were not present at the time of the attacks?*

America’s exit from Afghanistan is probably due to two things. First, Joe Biden stated soon after he was elected being in Afghanistan was pointless, and had led to losses in lives and equipment over the course of repeated fighting. America withdrew from Afghanistan and abandoned its agents, even though U.S. forces had the support of many countries.

These countries condemned the America’s humiliating departure from Afghanistan, criticizing a country that sees itself as a dominant and indomitable power equipped with technology and a large army. The United States is also endowed with the capability to erase countries from the map. However, abandoning equipment and weapons among other items in Afghanistan raises many questions. How did America leave that material to its archenemy? And why was it unable to deal with Afghanistan any further when it had matters under control before the withdrawal?

Second, there is the rise of China and its Belt and Road Initiative, a project that ends America’s myth of being in control, bankrupting the country and creating a path for disintegration and a war between the states. The situation has led the U.S. to interfere in China’s investments everywhere, including the Silk Road countries. For example, the U.S intervened with the port at Al-Faw that connects Europe to the east, prompting the Iraqi prime minister to abort the port project on America’s instructions, thus denying Iraq an opportunity for construction and development.

Even if the U.S. withdrew from Afghanistan to confront the Chinese dragon, it will not be able to shed the feeling of a shameful loss. Still, America deliberately sabotaged many important aircraft belonging to the Afghan Air Force, and many important and logistical devices. These devices would have served the oppressed citizens of Afghanistan who originally paid for them.

*Editor’s note: The author’s assertions that there was no Jewish presence in the World Trade Center on 9/11 has no known basis in fact and has not been independently verified.

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