Resistance toward US Corporations

They readily take our money, but when it comes to paying taxes and duties, the U.S. mega-corporations which define our lives more and more are not so forthcoming. This breeds bad blood. Amazon, for example, is increasingly experiencing resistance toward the construction of new logistics centers in the countryside. Guaranteed land, a reduction in fees, good road connections — the times in which anything would be done to secure a few badly paid jobs in the region have slowly faded away.

In Rome, a dispute over a huge McDonald’s branch has now come to an end. The U.S. company surprisingly found itself on the losing side. The fast food giant’s plans to build a 107,639-square-foot McDrive, which included a parking lot on a site near the Baths of Caracalla — the ancient public baths of Rome — are now permanently off the table. The Council of State in Rome, the highest and last authority for administrative matters, rejected an appeal from McDonald’s. The arguments of the Consumer Protection Organization, which contended that a McDrive would damage the beauty of the Baths of Caracalla, were effective. The guests will no longer have the chance to eat burgers and fries while enjoying the dreamlike view of the archaeological site.

As always, Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc. are so popular because they offer products and services that provide benefits to consumers. A European company would have been preferred, if there were such an alternative, solely because it is from Europe.

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