Joe Biden Is Suspected of Having Dementia for the Wrong Reason

Forty members of the U.S. House of Representatives, including a former White House physician, encouraged Joe Biden to take a medical test of his cognitive abilities. They are expressing concern that the head of state is consumed by “dementia.” Something is truly wrong with Biden — but not for the reasons the members of Congress are pointing out.

“More inflation. What a stupid son of a bitch.”

Such was Joe Biden’s reaction to Fox News reporter Peter Doocy’s question. The president mumbled it under his breath, yet too close to a live microphone.

Later, they had a conversation over the phone, the head of state apologized and the incident was seemingly closed. But two and a half weeks later, 38 members of the U.S. House of Representatives (out of 434 total, which makes it every 11th member) officially expressed concern with the president’s mental capacity — whether he is mentally fit to lead the state.

In their letter, the lawmakers encouraged Biden to take a cognitive test. Citing the Alzheimer’s Association, the letter states that “changes in mood and personality,” including being more “easily upset,” is listed as one of 10 signs of mental decline, and Biden displayed “this type of mood change” during a press conference with reporters.

The question that angered the president so much back then sounded like, “Do you think inflation is a political liability going into the midterms?”

The fact is that a record-breaking inflation rate is pulling down not only Biden’s rating, but the rating of the Democratic Party as well, which threatens to result in a sound defeat during the U.S. midterm elections in the fall and a Congress mostly in opposition to the White House.

It seems that Doocy wanted to get the president’s opinion on this. We can’t call it journalism in its purest form — the information value of this story is not in Biden’s opinion (no matter what it was), but in the reporter’s trolling of the head of state. Fox News is the single largest conservative network in the U.S., and the hysterical nature of its attacks against Biden somehow counterbalances the assumed complacency of the other networks, almost entirely liberal.

In other words, Doocy is almost a provocateur, but the fact that he stands among bootlickers somewhat excuses him for it.

Biden either didn’t hear an awkwardly put question well or didn’t understand it correctly, but got upset regardless. He needed that press conference to threaten Russia with his “super sanctions” one more time for the invasion of Ukraine (prophesied by U.S. Intelligence), not to sit there carefully choosing his words to describe the most painful problem the U.S. faces today.

Hand on heart, we can understand Biden’s short fuse, since he has long been known for it. At the beginning of his election campaign he loudly called a voter a “horse’s ass” for his question about gun control; in fact, the voter was right, not Biden. Hence, there’s nothing inexplicable or out of the ordinary about his current behavior to push things so far as to suspect Alzheimer’s disease.

Prior to that, he gave much more substantive reasons for that assumption, when he mistook his sister for his wife or when he forgot where he was and who he was talking to. There are entire websites dedicated to “Bidenisms.”

But the Republicans are concerned with the Democratic president’s mental health only now — because right now Biden is especially vulnerable. The Republicans literally take old attacks out of their hiding places and toss them into the fire of the information war against the White House. The idea of the cognitive test was invented back in Donald Trump’s term — the ex-president took such a test during his election campaign, which is also mentioned in the lawmakers’ letter.

In any case, it’s their internal squabble, but I still want to give a word of advice to members of Congress from this side of the Russian border: You’re looking in the wrong place.

Biden’s not being up to the task can be seen in how he conducts his foreign policy, not in the reaction to provocative questions or the multitude of slips of his tongue. During his second term, Ronald Reagan also forgot things and slipped up (and was accused by his opposition of hiding his dementia), and yet he won the Cold War and went down in history as the president of the “Last Golden Age.”

His policies at times were also quite arrogant, but they were based on principles and logic as well, as is fitting for a prominent statesman. What Biden is doing, on the flip side, is overblown with contradictions and stylistically is more suitable for a street gang than a noble leader.

Basically, the entire theme of an “upcoming Russian invasion of Ukraine” was fully made up in Washington with a now obvious goal: to give credit to Biden for “preventing the war” because he urgently needed at least some successes, as there are currently none and inflation is only climbing higher.

The invasion narrative has gone on for two months now, but it doesn’t seem to give any gains to Biden, and overall it looks so hopeless that even the liberal media, so loyal to the Democrats, began to suspect something and express their doubts — could it be that the entire White House team is lying right to their face? Even Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, whom Biden and his pals rushed to protect from the Russian menace, doesn’t believe in the alleged invasion and asks people not to panic. The informational special operation of the Biden administration scared investors away from Ukraine, and now they are waiting for a war as well — just in case.

What a curious situation: The puppet asked the puppeteer not to ramp it up so much. What else can it do with such a master?

His egoistic, petty, fussy and potentially very dangerous plotting was not what everybody expected from a president with a biography like Biden’s. This man has sacrificed half a century to U.S. foreign policy; for decades, he was among those defining it. He held talks with Alexei Kosygin and Andrei Gromyko; he was Barack Obama’s mentor in foreign politics; he was on a first name basis with Xi Jinping, China’s general secretary.

If you only look at his achievements and credentials, only a handful of people in the world have the right to teach Biden diplomacy and foreign policy.

From an administrative point of view, he conducts himself as a patriarch would: He insists that the final say in all important decisions should belong to him. In practice, it has led to a certain problem: For some important decisions in foreign policy, the U.S. was unable to appoint a team of specialists for almost a year — there was no time for it. Such was the situation with the Balkans, for instance.

It would be one thing if the 79-year-old president only worked slowly — he also works inefficiently, which in turn has resulted in a catastrophic retreat from Afghanistan, in an arms trade conflict with France, in the deepening of mutual resentment with China, as well as in the situation on the Ukrainian-Russian issue, where Biden and his team are making moves that are almost bizarre.

This Biden is not the experienced, reasonable and responsible diplomat he was considered to be for decades. Perhaps a test of his cognitive abilities could really shed light on these strange changes in him.

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