What Is Necessary

Ukraine’s allies would do well to work with the Group of Seven countries and NATO to do everything to allow Kyiv to continue fighting Russia and the Ukrainian people to make it through the winter.

It is right and important for Ukraine’s Western allies to continue supporting the besieged country with everything it needs for Kyiv to continue the fight against the Russian invaders and for the oppressed people of Ukraine to make it through the winter as best as possible. Or, in other words, it is important that the U.S., Germany, and other EU countries walk the talk.

In that respect, it is helpful that the G-7 countries are seeking to better document the countless and various Russian war crimes so that the perpetrators in uniform and in the Kremlin can be held to account one day; they are right to do so. It is also productive for the EU to examine how it can better implement its sanctions against Russia.

But what is more crucial is the concrete aid that NATO countries now say they want to provide. That aid includes winter gear, medical supplies, and interference transmitters for Ukrainian troops to use in defense against drones, generators and transformers.

This will not be the last meeting, decision, or provision of aid. It is all necessary to continue standing by Ukraine and to make clear to the autocrat Vladimir Putin that he cannot win. Everything else, unfortunately, must wait.

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