The Republicans’ Trump Problem

The Democrats’ victory in Georgia demonstrates once again that, with Trumpism, it is easier to win primaries than actual elections. That will likely have consequences for the 2024 presidential election.

For Democrats, the victory in the Senate election in Georgia is no small comfort after losing the House of Representatives in the midterms. Above all, it reduces the possibility of a lone wolf from its own ranks holding the party hostage, as West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin excelled at during Joe Biden’s first two years in office.

But when it comes to all issues concerning money, the president will still have a harder time with the new majorities in Congress. From a European perspective, it will be interesting to see how the Republicans exercise their newly won budgetary power when it comes to approving additional aid for Ukraine.

The election result in Georgia brings the party face to face with its Donald Trump problem once again. The southern state is usually solidly Republican. The fact that Herschel Walker lost here, just like a whole series of candidates endorsed by the former president in other states, confirms an observation that one could already make after the presidential election two years ago: It is easier to win primaries with Trumpism today than it is to win actual elections.

The Republicans’ attempts to hide Trump away during the campaign attest more to their dilemma than the relatively close outcome. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis may offer a way out in 2024. He is the other winner in Georgia.

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