Campaign Season Is Well Underway in the US

President Joe Biden needs to finally make it clear that he will not run for reelection.

Are you wondering why it is already election campaign season again in the U.S.? The confusion is understandable. The United States doesn’t just feel like it’s in a permanent state of campaigning — it is, in fact, always campaign season there. Thus, it’s completely normal that candidates are already courting places at the starting line nearly two years before the next presidential election.

For the most part, the sitting president’s party has only one option and with it, the oft-cited “incumbency bonus.” In the other party, in this case, the Republican Party, several hopefuls are jousting for the election nomination ticket. Donald Trump already announced his candidacy last fall. Nikki Haley has just placed her bid, and John Bolton is wondering out loud about his own run for office. Other interested parties will appear, too.

But who has what it takes to actually get elected in November 2024? Certainly not Donald Trump. Unfortunately, though, neither does Joe Biden. There’s no doubt that the U.S. needs a generational change at the top. Someone who represents optimism and a new beginning.

Thus it’s high time the 80-year-old Biden takes an official position on a second term so that alternative Democratic candidates have enough time to get into position. It will be difficult enough as it is. That’s why they need to formally start now. As I’ve said before, campaign season is already well underway.

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