Trump, Biden or Michelle Obama: Political Situation in the United States Does Not Look Promising

A disconnected and confused Joe Biden enjoys favorable media, and Donald Trump is carried along by waves of supporters despite the indictments he faces. The status of American politics continues to deteriorate.

The presidential election season has started in the United States and it can be said, sadly, that the collapse of governmental and political norms is not only apparent in Israel. The politics of the leader of the free world appear in a very negative light today and the horizon does not look promising.

Let’s start with the Democrats. This is not to say that President Joe Biden appears bad, even though, generally, he does not appear. This gives the impression that Biden is again trying to manage his “campaign from the basement” as he did during COVID-19, which was like playing hide-and-seek with the American public; this alongside a host of Democratic election pranks (some of which may have been illegal). The idea that “the less you see of me, the better” worked in 2020. However, the president spent almost all of this August on a long vacation in his homes, at lakes and at the seashore, working only a few days.

Among other things at the moment, there is a national disaster in Hawaii, a state since 1959, where a wildfire burned primarily on the island of Maui, killing more than 100 people with hundreds still missing. Hawaii, a Democratic state, failed miserably in dealing with the blaze, and some claim that many of those killed were trapped by the fire because of police roadblocks and failed evacuation management.

However, the disaster did not really interest Biden. During the wildfire, he spent most of his time at the beach and did not cut his vacation short. When he returned as scheduled and was asked about the national disaster, his leadership response was “no comment.” As public anger grew — it is hard to imagine a head of state functioning in such a manner during a national disaster — Biden flew to Hawaii and faced a crowd of locals who had experienced the disaster. He explained that he was able to sympathize with their anger, recalling a fire that occurred in his kitchen when he was away, nearly his valuable vintage car (a 1967 Corvette).

If you did not hear about this scandal, which would have become a media storm had this been a Republican president, this is only because the American media is the main campaign instrument of the left. However, Biden’s behavior is so weird and strange that even the progressives understand that he has become a major problem in the election. The personal corruption scandals, with their hair-raising allegations, are beginning to spring up from place to place, even in the mainstream media.

Naturally, as Biden’s scandals increase, his foreign policy is failing, and the American economy under his watch is groaning (he calls his policy “Bidenomic,” another sign of narcissism), and many believe that, in the end, he will not seek reelection. The list of progressive alternatives include, among others, Vice President Kamala Harris, California Gov. Gavin Newsom, and even Bernie Sanders, who is beginning to weigh another campaign run. But all of these are coming to the election arena with bags full of failure and do not add up to good news for the public. However, there are those who think another candidate is warming up to run: Michelle Obama.

Before we talk about the Republicans, one cannot ignore what the progressives apparently copied directly from Israel. In general, it is true that cultural influence reaches us from across the Atlantic, but when it comes to weaponizing judicial and governmental tools against elected public officials, primarily on the right, Israel has become a light unto nations, an exemplary state of bureaucratic corruption from the artisan’s workshop of the left, which now has broken into the international arena.

While Biden likely will be the most corrupt president in the history of the United States, even compared to Trump who is the leading Republican candidate in the 2024 election, Trump has recently been indicted four times, turning him into the first American president indicted for crime.

In March, Trump was indicted in Manhattan in New York on charges he paid hush money to porn star Stormy Daniels during the 2016 election campaign. In June, Trump was indicted in Miami, Florida on charges he kept classified documents at his residence. Early this month, Trump was indicted in Washington, D.C., on charges connected to election interference and, subsequently, in Fulton County, Georgia, he was indicted on grounds that he tried to interfere with election results there.

Four criminal indictments against a former president — all of them unprecedented —brought within five months of his election campaign. And here’s another secret: the indictments were filed in Democratic regions by prosecutors who are clearly anti-Trump. The criminalization of politics against the right, an Israeli start-up, has reached Uncle Sam, and as with everything that comes to America, it becomes a huge, prestigious, and impressive production.

However, Trump is Trump. He stood up when he was indicted in Georgia and published a mug shot of himself, something that went viral and allowed him to sweep in millions of dollars in contributions within hours, meant to aid him in fighting the political-judicial pursuit against him.

However, no other candidate in the Republican Party approaches Trump’s popularity and this only gets stronger with each indictment. The candidate who is supposed to be breathing down the former president’s neck is the successful Florida governor. He is made of leadership material and could have been an excellent president, but he has no chance against Trump. The difference between them in the polls is almost 40%. Behind Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, the young candidate Vivek Ramaswamy trudges along, and Nikki Haley and former Vice President Mike Pence follow behind.

With an advantage like this, it is no wonder that Trump decided to completely skip the first Republican debate, which was carried by the Fox News network. The former president preferred to be interviewed by Tucker Carlson, the popular far-right television host who was fired by Fox, and then moved his program to Twitter, now known as X. In my opinion, the two events were weak. Carlson was a favorable interviewer and the debate on Fox was low level, something that even embarrassed the candidate. Even the Republicans appear to be losing relevance.

Most of Trump’s rivals cannot attack him directly because of how popular he is. Therefore they argue that Trump is very popular on the right, but the chance of his winning the general election is small since he stirs up considerable anger from the left, which in turn turns many voters against him primarily in key swing states. Therefore, even a weak candidate such as Biden will beat him. This is an interesting argument, but even if correct, in the end people vote for the candidate they identify with (or against the candidate they hate), and do not vote based on complex or strategic considerations.

Trump, Biden or Michelle Obama — regardless of who wins, the American political situation today is very bad. Neither side is successfully positioning an impressive candidate as its leader. The American nation is divided, the economy is deteriorating, state institutions are corrupt and the public is developing a revulsion toward its representatives and the country. This is historically what the sunset of a country looks like. Someone prove me wrong.

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