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Time for Hamas

October 30, 2023 Mallory Matsumoto 0

Published in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Germany) on 24 October 2023 by Nikolas Busse [link to original] Translated from German by Mallory Matsumoto. Edited by Helaine […]

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Brazil Always for Peace

October 29, 2023 Jane Dorwart 0

Published in Folha (Brazil) on 22 October 2023 by Philip Yang and José César Martins [link to original] Translated from Portuguese by Jane Dorwart. Edited […]

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Tragedy and Farce*

October 28, 2023 Artem Belov 0

Published in Izvestia (Russia) on 24 October 2023 by Andrey Kortunov [link to original] Translated from Russian by Artem Belov. Edited by Michelle Bisson. Posted […]