The Canonization of ‘Saint’ Henry Kissinger

The tributes that have rained down on Henry Kissinger’s corpse are as numerous as they are abhorrent. In attempting to analyze the behavior of those who dominate the international scene, these tributes paint a portrait of this world as a huge contradiction.

There’s no doubt that Kissinger was a remarkable personality during his long earthly life and many years of activity in the public sphere. Through his experience, he achieved a wide-ranging mastery in matters of state, and he left an undeniable stamp on the architecture of post-World War II global geopolitics.

Some maintain that Kissinger was the most influential U.S. politician of the second half of the 20th century, the first half unquestionably dominated by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

His work as secretary of state for Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford is marked by the enormous impact he had on them within domestic politics, and in foreign policy, by all the evil that it is possible to image in one person.

This villain, who just flew into hell at the ripe old age of 100, has among his evil distinctions that of being the undisputed mastermind of the new version of the other President Roosevelt’s policy of the big stick, expanding that doctrine by proliferating dictatorships.

The implementation of Operation Condor, as it was known, Kissinger’s legitimate child, was the most egregious criminal experiment backed by Washington in the last century. It showed that Simón Bolívar was right when he noticed 200 years ago that it appeared the U.S. was destined by providence to plague the American continent with dictatorships and misery.

The blood shed by the criminal dictators of Central America and the Southern Cone of South America has swelled the rivers that flow in these regions because the murdered and disappeared that the dirty wars produced number in the thousands.

Kissinger never washed his hands of the blood shed by the victims of Operation Condor in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguay, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala.

In other words, his was a talent used almost exclusively in the service of evil. Accordingly, we see no reason for such lavish tributes, direct or indirect, for a criminal who did so much damage to democracy in Latin America. Rest in peace, never, Henry Kissinger!

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