Continual Drama Surrounding Donald Trump, the Troublemaker

Trump is a stress test for the justice system and democracy. Voters should make up their own minds.

As a businessman, Donald Trump has habitually kept the New York courts busy. As a politician, he has taken this to a whole other level. From New York to Florida, there are so many charges pending against the former president that U.S. citizens have lost track.

The judiciary in the U.S. is once again entering unchartered territory, partly because the antiquated Constitution leaves a lot of room for interpretation. Should courts and local politicians be able to prohibit the candidacy of a former president? According to the letter of the law, they have the right to do so. But this would not be politically wise, as it would only further inflame his supporters.

Anything that keeps Trump in the headlines helps him — at least among his fans. Is he a threat to democracy? Yes, But in a democracy, it is up to voters to decide this. Otherwise, it’s not a democracy.

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