Return of the Monroe Doctrine with Donald Trump?

If signs of Joe Biden’s senility, the fentanyl crisis, the high cost of living and the increase in citizen insecurity would sink Biden’s popularity to historic lows of 38%,

Then that would facilitate the triumphant return of Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential election, a candidate who, according to a CBS News and YouGov poll, would have the support of 65% of Republican voters.

Trump’s Ideology

Trump’s ideology, the paternity of which is attributed to his former adviser Steve Bannon, consists of “creating a virtual and parallel world seasoned with lies and half-truths that manages to disrupt any opposing strategies that are minimally rational.”* Thus, Trump would become the carrier of a dangerous political virus that could devastate the principles of American liberal democracy by possessing a DNA endowed with triple DXH enzyme (a soft dictatorship, xenophobia and heteropatriarchy), of which the first visible effect would be the end of “political correctness.”

Trump and the Techniques of Manipulation

Political Dictionary defines gaslighting as “a form of psychological manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or group. It makes them question their own memory, perception and sanity.

“The tactic relies on persistent denial, contradiction and lying in an attempt to delegitimize the victim’s belief.”

In 2018, the Oxford Dictionary identified “gaslighting” as one of the most popular words of the year. The publication of a book in the U.S. claimed that Trump managed to win the presidential race by making use of this manipulation technique. That book, “Gaslighting America: Why We Love It When Trump Lies to Us,” was written by Amanda Carpenter and published by Harper Collins on May 1, 2018. In that book, the author analyzes Trump’s formula, showing why it is practically infallible. It perfectly understands his victims: the media, Democrats and undecided Republicans. According to the author, “Donald Trump’s lies and fabrications do not horrify America; they enthrall us.”

Trump’s Isolationism

Trump assured us through his social networks that “The world is in more danger than it’s ever been in …” and that there must be a “total commitment to dismantle the globalist neoconservative power group responsible for dragging the world into endless wars.” Similarly, in a speech delivered at the Conservative Political Action Conference, the future Republican candidate affirmed, “I am the only candidate who can make this promise: I will prevent World War III.” He denounced the “excessive amount of armament currently circulating in the world.” This suggests a return of the U.S. to an isolationist doctrine.

Thus, in a conference attended by Trump at the headquarters of the influential political magazine The National Interest, he outlined a foreign policy that could be synthesized by his motto, “America First,” which would mean the de facto return to the Monroe Doctrine (America for Americans) and the exit of the U.S. from the military structures of NATO.

In 2000, in his book, “The America We Deserve,” Trump defended the exit of the United States from the Atlantic Alliance in order to save expenses; his electoral program, “Agenda 47,” states that, “We have to finish the process we began under my administration of fundamentally reevaluating NATO’s purpose and NATO’s mission.”

Consequently, a possible Trump victory in 2024 would represent the decline of the Atlanticist strategy of Biden and George Soros, determined to oust Vladimir Putin from power, as well as the signing of a peace agreement in Ukraine and the return to the doctrine of peaceful coexistence with Russia. This would mean the enthronement of the group of three (USA, Russia and China) as “primus inter pares” in world governance, which would clash head-on with the obsessive dream of Soros’ globalists and the Open Society Foundations to achieve the subjugation of Russia. Russia has been for Soros, “the white whale” he has been trying to hunt for decades.

Trump’s isolationism would, therefore, be a roadblock to the military-industrial complex, with its plans to recover the U.S. role as the world’s police over the next five years through an extraordinary increase of U.S. military interventions abroad — in order to recover unipolarity in the global geopolitical chessboard.

In the event of the failure of the current judicial offensive against Trump, the gestation of an external plot to neutralize him by expeditious methods would not be ruled out.

Trump would not be aware of such danger because he would suffer from the so-called “Pontius Syndrome,” cited in 1820 by the American psychologist Charles Graham Pontius and consisting of “a distortion in the perception of danger … due to excess adrenaline” in the affected person.

*Editor’s note: Although accurately translated, this quoted passage could not be independently verified.

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