Donald Trump, NATO’s Gravedigger

With his remarks about the defense alliance, the former U.S. president is advancing the interests of the Russian leader. If he gets into office again, danger looms. A commentary.

Anyone who believed the democratic Western world could come through a second Donald Trump term unscathed has been proven wrong following his campaign rally in South Carolina. Trump has invited Russia to “do whatever the hell” it wants to NATO members he perceives as being delinquent. That is an outrageous statement. It turns the NATO principle of “all for one, one for all” upside down.

This statement is extremely dangerous because NATO’s strength has been based on the mutual defense pledge. Trump can rightly denounce the fact that many NATO states, especially Germany, have recently failed to keep their promise of investing 2% of their gross domestic product in their own defense capability. But if he encourages NATO’s most dangerous opponent to attack other countries in Eastern Europe, then he is advancing the interests of the Russian leader.

Trump’s reelection as U.S. president could lead to NATO’s strongest partner to date becoming its gravedigger. If Trump moves back into the White House, the world will have to prepare for an America poised to take a 180-degree turn.

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