Who Is Jason Palmer? The Man Who Beat Joe Biden

Despite their sweeping wins, Super Tuesday also brought bad news for the two election winners. The president lost to a completely unknown figure in American Samoa. And in many places, a third of the Republican base has a problem with Donald Trump.

The president withdrew to his Camp David retreat outside Washington on Super Tuesday to prepare for his State of the Union address to Congress on Thursday. However, one special guest he had invited to his most important appearance of the year in front of millions of viewers declined his invitation: Yulia Navalnaya.

As Joe Biden followed the election night results in the primaries, the nation wondered, “Who the heck is Jason Palmer?” The 52-year-old entrepreneur from Baltimore, Maryland on the East Coast defeated the president in the primary in the overseas territory of American Samoa, a military base in the Pacific with a population of 50,000, winning by a margin of 51 votes to 40. Palmer invested half a million dollars in his campaign, and that was enough for a symbolic victory against a man who even two-thirds of Democrats no longer want to see in the White House.

The Biden Coalition Is Unraveling

Four years ago, Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire and former mayor of New York, won against Biden. The fact that 20% of Democratic voters in Minnesota cast a protest vote due to Biden’s Middle East policy should give him pause for thought a week after the first boycott in Michigan. He recently stepped up the pressure on Israel with regard to the war in the Gaza Strip. However, it is not just people of Arab descent and African Americans who are distancing themselves from him, but also Latinos, as was seen in California. The Democratic coalition of 2020 is beginning to unravel.

But Donald Trump had his very own Jason Palmer on election night: Nikki Haley. The former U.N. ambassador and governor narrowly defeated her former boss in the New England state of Vermont. In more liberal-leaning states such as Virginia and Massachusetts, around a third of Republican voters are signaling their dislike of Trump and his politics. According to polls, 30 to 40% of the Republican base say they would not vote for the former president if he were convicted. This should be a warning sign for the November election, where every vote will count.

Trump’s Financial Difficulties and Courting of Musk

The fact that Trump is urgently looking for campaign sponsors demonstrates that things are not going entirely smoothly for him. He recently vied for the support of Silicon Valley maverick Elon Musk at his Mar-a-Lago winter residence in Florida. After all, he will soon have to pay around $530 million in civil judgments.

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