Legitimate Question: Why Was an American University Opened in Iraq?

What is the primary goal of establishing an American university in Iraq, let alone in Baghdad?

Does one speak of Iraqi universities, of public and private institutes?

Is the primary goal of an American university to prepare a national cadre for Iraq? Is the goal to impress proper English upon us? Or are there other objectives?

Why did the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research approve the opening of the American University in Baghdad? Is it the desire of the ministry, or a decision imposed upon it, as was, I suppose, the American University in Sulaimani? Perhaps an American university will be opened in Al-Chibayish, dear people.

And is it indeed true that the American University in Iraq will prepare upstanding citizens for Iraqi society, in an Iraq that has been under foreign occupation since 2003?

These are questions that demand answers from the Ministry of Higher Education, the executive branch, and the legislature, about the viability of scholarly institutions founded by Americans in countries on the periphery. Iraq is a living and breathing example of this.

Can the Iraqi government open an Iraqi university, or establish institutions of an otherwise religious, scientific or cultural nature, in the U.S.? Would American law permit this?

We believe that the primary goal of establishing an American university in Iraq, and specifically Baghdad, is to prepare experts, friends and allies in Iraq to be popular scientific assets for the United States.

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