Egypt’s Critical Role in Confronting Failed Occupation because of CNN Collusion

Israel and CNN’s lies about Egypt’s role in negotiating the Israel-Palestine conflict collapsed within hours. Egypt’s State Information Service responded to CNN’s fake reports and allegations with evidence, statistics and logic. CNN falsely reported about Egypt’s role in negotiations and Israel’s responsibility in the failed cease-fire agreement and ongoing war that continues to expose the region to destruction.

CNN’s allegations continue to deal with and exacerbate the dilemma facing Benjamin Netanyahu and his extremist government, revealing their profound failure and calculating their gains and losses in the endless war. The occupying power’s scandals multiply with the killing of more civilian women and children.

It is clear that there is collusion between CNN and extremist Israeli groups. Even within the American administration, some are pushing back against Egypt because Egypt has claimed it is playing the largest and most important role in addressing the Israel-Palestine conflict, claiming it is an invaluable mediator in the effort to reach peace. Extremist groups are surprised by Egypt’s professionalism and its ability to reveal Israel’s maneuvering and spoil its plans, including forced migration and liquidation of the Palestinian cause. Egypt confronted the occupiers and forced them to account for taking over the Palestinian side of Rafah Crossing. And we cannot forget the challenge to occupation forces before the International Court of Justice.

History confirms that for decades and throughout the last few years, Egypt has proposed solutions to stop war. It follows that CNN’s reports are empty words without reason or logic. Despite Egypt’s support for the Palestinian cause, it is still an honest mediator working for peace, stability and the end of the war while guaranteeing the rights of Palestinians.

Cairo has experience leading these negotiations and effectively addresses all sides in each agreement. This is what Egypt, its institutions and officials have been doing professionally for years, and what the American television network is saying doesn’t make sense. It is a form of revenge and complicity with these groups that failed to reach agreement. Instead CNN spread illusions about the continuation of the war. The occupying force’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, can’t bear a nearly successful cease-fire agreement. Perhaps his ambitions and biases have proven to be a mistake, specifically in that the one cease-fire agreement which succeeded came about through Egypt’s intervention. Furthermore, previous agreements to end war came about through Egypt’s mediation and strategy, which ensured the national safety of each party.

In addition, Netanyahu and the occupying forces, as well as American agencies, can’t find any weakness in Egypt’s claims. Accordingly, they resort to rumors and misguided sources, just as CNN is currently doing. As when anonymous sources spread naive allegations about weapon smuggling to the resistance, after it was exposed by American and Israeli press reports attributing the thefts to the occupier’s military leaders. The same thing is happening with the Rafah Crossing, which Israel closed on the Palestinian side and has recently occupied. This is what pushed Egypt to reject coordinating with the occupying powers.. According to an announcement from Diaa Rashwan, president of Egypt’s State Information Service, Egypt is rejecting coordination with the occupation forces at the crossing, and the occupying power is responsible for the siege, the forced starvation, and preventing access to food and medicine, all committed against the people of Gaza. The occupiers bear the responsibility for all of this. Unsubstantiated charges that Egypt is responsible cannot withstand the facts.

The reality is that the reason for the occupier’s attempts to discredit Egypt or collude with CNN is that Egypt is presenting the most detailed, effective, and dangerous resolution for the Israel-Palestine conflict. From another angle, Egypt is an effective mediator and has for years been the only state to put forward proposals to stop the war that also pay heed to Palestinian interests and unification. Egypt draws a red line at forced migration to liquidate the Palestinian cause. It also maintains communication with all parties and can open balanced communication among parties. Egypt is the most capable entity to direct negotiations and propose a cease-fire. Egypt faces efforts to interfere with its role, but they have failed because Egypt is confident about its approach. Additionally, when Netanyahu assumed all responsibility as an occupying force to feed citizens and deliver aid, he ruined Israeli politics. It follows that CNN’s lies and Netanyahu have guaranteed that the occupying force would fail militarily and politically once it exposed its intentions in front of the world. CNN has shown that the occupation government is committing genocide with respect to Palestinians. The occupiers are rejecting the rise of a Palestinian state. Egypt rejects this and is fighting back with red lines and asserting that it will not permit this plan nor will the international conscience permit it either.

Egypt’s position that it will defend the Palestinian cause is very clear. Egypt is also an effective mediator capable of opening channels between parties. Israel has a dilemma given all this, as it remains stuck in an endless war, searching for a scapegoat.

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