Rzeczpospolita (Poland)

rzeczpospolita_logo_2013Based: Warsaw

Founded: 1944

Circulation: 250,000 copies sold per day (Poland has a population of 39 million)

Owner: Presspublica Sp. z.o.o.
Rzeczpospolita is popular among managers, enterpreneurs, specialists, employees of public administration and people at universities. Most readers are between 25 and. Along with the British Guardian newspaper, it has been voted one of the best-designed newspapesr in the world (by the U.S.-based Society for News Design).

Rzeczpospolita used to be printed in broadsheet format, switching to compact on October 16, 2007. It maintains a more elitist and “deadpan” image than, for example, its stronger liberal rival Gazeta Wyborcza. Rzeczpospolita’s political profile is moderately conservative and arguably comparable to that of The Times in Britain, but it does not favor any particular Polish party.

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