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Languages. Opinions. Oxford Commas… We Need YOU!

It’s 2019, and the whole world is watching the United States. Again. We are looking for volunteer translators and editors who can tell the world what they see. If you have high-level translation skills, we want them. We need brilliant editors who can turn translated copy into readable English. Prefer to help us find English content in foreign newspapers as an English content researcher?  We need you too! Alternatively, perfect your digital media marketing skills as Watching America’s social media editor. For more details on all these exciting opportunities, click HERE.


Dazzling times call for dazzling talent. We know you’re out there, and if you are reading this on our homepage, you already get it. Please contact us at info [at] watchingamerica [dot] com to apply or inquire.


You can also help us remain America’s “Public Intelligence Agency” by donating here!

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By Robin Koerner, Publisher of Watching America