WatchingAmer­ica reflects global opin­ion about the United States, help­ing Amer­i­cans and non-Americans alike under­stand what the world thinks of cur­rent issues that involve the U.S. This is done by pro­vid­ing news and views about the United States pub­lished in other countries.

It is not our pur­pose to find favor­able or unfa­vor­able con­tent, but to reflect as accu­rately as pos­si­ble how oth­ers per­ceive the rich­est and most pow­er­ful coun­try in the world. We have no polit­i­cal agenda.

WatchingAmer­ica makes avail­able in Eng­lish arti­cles writ­ten about the U.S. by for­eign­ers, often for for­eign audi­ences, and often in other lan­guages. Since WatchingAmer­ica offers its own trans­la­tions, reg­u­lar users of our site will enjoy arti­cles not avail­able in Eng­lish any­where else. We are a unique win­dow into world opinion.

In addi­tion, by inte­grat­ing the lat­est trans­la­tion tech­nol­ogy into the site, vis­i­tors are able to surf all of the con­tent of foreign-language news out­lets at the push of a but­ton — in English.

The site is updated frequently.

We hope that the insights gained by read­ing var­i­ous points of view will help to raise level of debate, open minds, and pro­mote under­stand­ing among the peo­ple of the world.

If cov­er­age of an issue, on a par­tic­u­lar day, sur­prises or irri­tates, remem­ber that we are report­ing what is out there, and try­ing to show the fullest range of views. We don’t endorse the con­tent pre­sented, or imply any­thing about the moti­va­tion behind or accu­racy of the orig­i­nal sources. Watch­ing Amer­ica does not seek to influ­ence opin­ion by selec­tive pre­sen­ta­tion, but some­times global opin­ion can be quite polar­ized. It may, there­fore, fall out­side the spec­trum of debate in the United States or appear one-sided.

Watch­ing Amer­ica has no affil­i­a­tion with, nor fund­ing from, any orga­ni­za­tion or cor­po­ra­tion. We intend to cover costs by run­ning ads and receiv­ing donations.

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