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October 2005

Unfair U.S. Pressure on Syria Requires Arab Solidarity

October 18, 2005 // Syria Times - Syria - English

Lebanese clergyman Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah has strongly criticized the American accusation campaign against Syria. He stressed that the United States is persuing its own regional interests by using Lebanon against Syria. ‏ In a symposium for Ramadan held Monday, Fadlallah said that the accusations were all part [Read more]

The 'Painfully Clueless Karen Hughes'

October 5, 2005 // Arab News - Saudi Arabia - English

If all the world’s a stage, then what’s playing on it is America as morality play. And the painfully clueless Undersecretary of State Karen Hughes, who visited the Middle East last week to promote what is now called “public diplomacy” - the use of culture to foster goodwill toward the U.S. - is the new drama [Read more]

Wave Goodbye to the Bush Era

October 5, 2005 // Al-Ahram - Egypt - English

It could be a coincidence that during a week that world leaders gathered in New York to attend the United Nations' annual General Assembly meeting, the American people displayed a degree of fed-up-ness with the Bush Administration they have never shown before. The number of negative articles and commentaries has been [Read more]

Building Bridges with Americans and Jews

October 2, 2005 // Arab View - Saudi Arabia - English

American visitors to Saudi Arabia come with their baggage of perceptions and on day one get their first cultural shock - especially those who come for the first time. Thanks to the media and the educational system, our image as backward, savage fundamentalists persists. Misperceptions lead to perception, and if they [Read more]