Unfair U.S. Pressure on Syria Requires Arab Solidarity

Lebanese clergyman Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah has strongly criticized the American accusation campaign against Syria. He stressed that the United States is persuing its own regional interests by using Lebanon against Syria. ‏

In a symposium for Ramadan held Monday, Fadlallah said that the accusations were all part of Washington’s strategy for the region, and were not for the good of Lebanon. He also called on the Arab nation to be on alert and step up to the current challenges. ‏

He reiterated that the pressures and accusations being used against Syria are designed to divert Damascus from its firm, principled stances regarding Arab causes. ‏

Meanwhile, the Tunisian daily Ashurouq asserted the necessity of a collective Arab stand on behalf of Syria, in the light of the escalating American threats. ‏

In an editorial, the daily made clear that the U.S. pressure on Damascus is due to Israeli efforts to realize its objectives in the region. ‏

Tel Aviv convinced the U.S. Administration that America’s so-called plan for a Greater Middle East, which is an expression of American objectives in the region, is being hindered by Syria, which adheres to national principles, the right to the restoration of occupied land and calls for the implementation of legitimate international resolutions.

The newspaper also referred to the importance of a unified Arab front so that Syria will not be isolated. ‏

The Kuwaiti al-Ray al-Aam newspaper also stressed Arab solidarity with Syria in confronting foreign pressures. ‏ In an article published Monday, the daily said that the U.S. had lost all credibility following the occupation of Iraq. ‏

The paper added that due to continued American bias in favor of Israel and its failure to abide by international resolutions, hatred of the United States had increased around the world, especially in the Arab and Islamic states.

Arab parliamentary delegations taking part in the Inter-Parliamentary Union meeting in Geneva on Monday stressed their solidarity with Syria. ‏

The Lebanese National Information Agency quoted Arab members of parliament as saying that they support Syria’s right to have the occupied Golan heights restored to the June 4th, 1967 border. ‏

The parliament’s final statement stressed solidarity with Syria in confronting foreign threats, confirmed Arab MP’s rejection of isolating Syria, and Washington’s so-called Syrian Accountability Act.

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