Washington Hopes Iraqis Shoot Each Other Rather Than Marines

Events taking place in Iraq and the surrounding region may either contradict or coincide with the interests of the American occupier, but rest assured none of these occurences are in Iraq’s favor.

Neighboring states fear American military might and try, as well as they can, to avoid the calamitous fate that has befallen our land at the hands of the U.S. Marines.

Fortunately for them, they are not as likely to succumb to American pressure. The deeper the U.S. drags itself into the Iraqi quagmire, the better these countries’ chances of averting an Iraqi-style American invasion.

Now the U.S. itself senses the pain of its reckless Iraqi adventure. The abysmal failure of its Iraq polices has put the White House under immense pressure both at home and abroad.

What about the forces fighting the U.S. inside Iraq? Conditions for these groups are deteriorating, but not because of U.S. military operations. The conditions for U.S. troops are deplorable, too.

U.S. troops have now come to realize that they cannot defeat their Iraqi opponents through military means. Therefore, there has apparently been some kind of tacit agreement amongst those running the Iraqi State and the other nations on the region.

With anti-American forces under less U.S. military pressure, they have begun to unleash their wrath against innocent Iraqis. There is a change in targeting. With U.S. troops more and more concerned for their own safety, and withdrawing steadily into fortified bases, their opponents are now almost completely free to roam, kill, car bomb, kidnap, assassinate and play their game of blood and fire in what has become for them a football arena with no referee or opposing team.

Failing to spread its control and restore order, the U.S. is changing tact. But halt. This change is not on behalf or in the interests of the Iraqi people.

Washington now realizes that the country is on the brink of civil war, and it is utilizing the status quo for its own benefit in the hope that this will eventually lead to a way out of its Iraqi quagmire.

Iraqi casualties and losses are mounting and the country’s infrastructure, which the U.S. was supposed to modernize, is collapsing as a result. But these issues are no longer of concern for those who once called themselves “the liberators.”

The past few months have seen a shift in U.S. strategy. It has abandoned traditional military means it had pursued against the armed groups that oppose them. Washington has become a participant in the “match of terror” going on in the country.

The United States is now in fact feeding the violence in Iraq by manipulation the country’s tribal, ethnic and religious factions to eventually realize its goal of withdrawing from Iraq. So Washington is itself now sowing the seeds of strife and civil war. It wants Iraq’s factions to do the fighting instead of its own troops.

The Bush Administration hopes that by fanning the flames of sectarian strife, the groups that had previously directed their guns almost exclusively against U.S. Marines, will now shoot fellow Iraqis instead.

Washington now believes that if it can set Iraqi factions against one another, it can then withdraw – not from Iraq – but to safe havens within Iraqi, and from relative safety watch the disintegration of the country into a civil conflict that will leave no faction strong enough to stand up to U.S. forces.

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