Obama’s visit to Norway in December cost less than feared.

Prior to the visit, the police allocated the budget to NOK 80 million,* and the Department of Justice said that another 42 million could be ready for use if needed. The final sum is therefore a little bit lower than the budget and under two-thirds of the maximum sum.

“There was careful financial planning under the whole project, and the final bill reflects it,” said Johan Fredriksen to Nettavisen. Fredriksen was responsible for managing the operation.

19 police districts were involved

The Oslo police district spent about NOK 63 million, while the remaining budget was used by other entities. Five hundred out of 2,500 policemen who served in the operation were hired from the outside.

In total, 19 police districts were involved, in addition to The Norwegian Police Security Service, The Norwegian National Authority for Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental Crime (ØKOKRIM) and the National Mobile Police Service. Bomb dogs from Denmark and Sweden were also hired.

In addition to the police operation, the Norwegian Defense received NOK 12 million for protection of airspace over the region with missile batteries.

*Editor’s Note: At the time of writing, NOK 80 million was worth $13.6 million.