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August 2013

Attack on Syria: Obama’s Real Interest

August 31, 2013 // El Universal - Mexico - Spanish

Obama remains trapped. On the one hand, he is harassed by his own doubts and those of many of his aides, including important voices in the Pentagon, advising on the risks of American involvement in the conflict in Syria. However, on the other hand, for two and a half years an unsustainable pressure has been building [Read more]

Limited Liability Invasions

August 31, 2013 // Süddeutsche Zeitung - Germany - German

<i>He's without a vision for the Middle East: President Obama decides on a case-by-case basis where and when America can afford to be idealistic and where it cannot. Syria is an example of how such pocket change policies can come back to bite. His timid approach is the reason he is often accused of weakness. [Read more]

Lessons Learned in Libya

August 31, 2013 // El País - Spain - Spanish

All the usual signs point to an inevitable and imminent strike against Syria, with Washington heading a new "coalition of the willing" — not to be confused with multilateralism. Although every case is unique and there are many examples of the human capacity for making the same mistake again and again, it is worth [Read more]
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