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Their Fault and Our Anger

December 30, 2013 // Amar Ujala - India - Hindi

The country's anger at the mistreatment the United States has meted out to Devyani Khobragade is natural. Diplomats represent their country's sovereignty, and any kind of mistreatment toward them is a way of maligning their country's sovereign image. The diplomat has been charged with providing incorrect information in [Read more]

Obama the Worst in Arab History

December 30, 2013 // Al Jarida - Kuwait - Arabic

Since the initial brightness of the United States of America, when it began leading the world in the middle of the last century, the Arab world has not seen a worse president than current U.S. President Barack Obama.

Snowden: The ‘Affair’ of 2013

December 30, 2013 // Le Figaro - France - French

When he found asylum in Russia this summer, after his revelations about the extent of the National Security Agency's surveillance activities, Edward Snowden seemed like a traitor, determined to confide in the enemy his country's most precious secrets. The welcome that Vladimir Putin reserved for him was a master stroke [Read more]

America Is Doing OK, but Only for Itself

December 29, 2013 // La Stampa - Italy - Italian

Big Ben said stop. I doubt that Ben Bernanke has ever seen "Portobello," but the now-historic quote by Enzo Tortora perfectly describes this crucial moment in the U.S. economy. By Wednesday afternoon, the U.S. must get back to walking on its own feet; Big Ben has started pulling the crutches off the Federal Reserve. [Read more]

New York: Bloomberg’s Legacy

December 29, 2013 // Il Giornale - Italy - Italian

Bill de Blasio, the mayor-elect of New York City is going to find a small treasure when he takes office in January: a budget surplus equal to $2.4 billion. The Independent Budget Office, which also predicted a surplus of close to $2 billion for the 2015 fiscal year, took the estimate. In summary, the municipality's [Read more]
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