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April 2015

The Naïve Policies of the United States

April 3, 2015 // Diario de Cuyo - Argentina - Spanish

It’s hard not to get angry with U.S. policies, which have often been sinful due to their abruptness and, at other times, naivete, or at the least, to put it simply, because they are badly timed and becoming misguided. Without a doubt, a new case of this is Venezuela being declared a threat to U.S. security. Even [Read more]

Guns for Puerto Rico (Part 2)

April 3, 2015 // Junge Welt - Germany - German

Puerto Rico ... has the strictest anti-gun laws when compared to any U.S. state. It takes a lot of time and money plus a squeaky clean reputation to go before a Puerto Rican judge and convince the court that you must own a gun.

Interpreter or Arbiter: Our Role Between China and the US

April 3, 2015 // Joongang Ilbo - South Korea - Korean

It is easy to say that fate of the Korean Peninsula will be influenced by the U.S. and China, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy to predict how China-U.S. relations will affect us. It may as well become another source of strife and conflict, or it may serve as the pathway to peace and reunification. [Read more]
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