The policies of various Arab countries, including the Gulf States and even Egypt, astound me. These countries are still conducting business with America, the official sponsor of terrorism everywhere.

I am amazed that all these countries, who are aware that America is instigating terrorism to overthrow their governments, destroy their armies and pillage their wealth, continue working with America. There is no difference between America and the Muslim Brotherhood; they are two sides of the same dirty coin.

It perplexes me that these countries refuse to come out in large-scale protest to bring down America. Despite whatever armaments America may have, the people are stronger than weapons of mass destruction.

Yes, it astonishes me that American citizens, who pretend to live in an environment of freedom and democracy, actually live under the humiliation of American rule. Yes, they sing the praises of democracy, but they live like slaves. This is the dirty secret of the random immigration policy encouraged by America: America seeks to create a dissonant, homogenous society in which work is the only thing that keeps life going.

American tyranny has exceeded all international conventions. America has transformed into the leading bully in a gang composed of itself and some European countries which are controlled by America the same way United Nations decisions are controlled by America.

America has sunk so low as to create terrorist organizations it [personally] pays for to topple the governments of Arab countries. America is so depraved as to create sectarian and religious conflicts. America abets church burnings in the Middle East, kills Copts and tortures them.

And despite all these crimes, the oddest thing is the silence. In this article, American crimes against humanity will be exposed. This is a letter to every American, so that Americans may know the lies of their government, the so-called best example of freedom in the world.

April 1916: Marines oppress an uprising in the Dominican Republic and occupy the country completely by May. The occupation lasts eight years.

May 1945: American planes bomb the German city of Dresden. The bombing kills 150,000 civilians and destroys 60 percent of Dresden's buildings.

Aug. 6, 1945: American President Harry Truman orders the dropping of an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima, which ends the lives of 78,150 and mutilates many more.

Aug. 9, 1945: American President Truman orders the dropping of the second atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Nagasaki, which ends the lives of 73,864, injures 60,000 people and obliterates every animal, insect and plant.

1946: Americans seize 250,000 tons of deadly tabun gas in Austria. Instead of destroying it, it is secretly moved to the United States.

1949: The United States starts a civil war in Greece; 154,000 die, 40,000 are put in jail and 6,000 are executed by the military authority. The American ambassador to Greece, [Lincoln] MacVeagh, admits that all tactical and disciplinary operations from 1947 to 1949 had been directly approved by Washington.

March 3, 1949: The CIA executes a coup in Syria under the leadership of Husni al-Za'im. The coup is planned in the American Embassy in Damascus.

Aug. 14, 1949: A group of Syrian officers leave the American Embassy in Damascus and surround the house of Husni al-Za'im, and then kill him after he disobeys their orders.

July 25, 1958: Lebanon is occupied by the Sixth Fleet of United States in order to support the government of Camille Chamoun in the wake of the Iraqi coup, which had occurred the previous day.

1964: The United States engages in armed aggressive acts in Laos with the goal of supporting the Laotian government; 50,000 troops, an American officer, 1,500 planes and 40 naval ships participate in the aggression. Americans make significant use of chemical weapons.

Dec. 24, 1966: American forces kill 125 Vietnamese civilians, despite a 48-hour cease-fire announced for Christmas.

1968: The CIA plans a coup led by Suharto against Indonesian President Sukarno, who had led the country to freedom from the Japanese and Dutch. After the coup, many are executed. In total, 1.3 million die.

1968: The CIA assassinates the activist, Martin Luther King.

April 20, 1970: 32,000 American soldiers, supported by 500 American planes and 40 ships of the Seventh Fleet, attack Cambodia.

Sept. 11, 1973: The CIA executes a coup against Salvador Allende in Chile, resulting in the death of Allende, the execution of 30,000 people and the arrest of 100,000 others.

June 1975: The American Congress considers a plan to occupy oil wells in the Gulf. Its aims were:

1. To seize oil production facilities;

2. To protect these facilities for a few weeks, months or years;

3. To restore any damaged equipment quickly; and

4. To operate all facilities without compensating the owners.

1978: The CIA kills 911 people in Guyana at the Peoples Temple in a horrifying slaughter. The CIA alleges that it was a group suicide.

December 1981: The brutal Atlacatl Battalion, connected to the CIA, slaughters 1,000, rapes women and starts fires in El Salvador.

June 7, 1982: The U.S. supports its agent, Hissène Habré of the Chadian government, spending more than $10 billion. Afterward, the people of Chad are subject to bloody massacres.

Oct. 25, 1983: American forces attack Grenada, one of the smallest countries in the world, brutally violating its sovereignty and resulting in the death of many citizens who rose up to defend their country. America occupies the island and the American administration lies, saying that American students were subject to danger. This excuse is used to justify increased American aggression on the island.

March 28, 1986: The U.S. Senate agrees to offer $100 million in aid to rebels in Nicaragua.

July 3, 1988: The U.S. Navy in the Persian Gulf downs a passenger jet and all 298 passengers die.

Jan. 17, 1991: American forces in Iraq destroy more than 8,437 dwellings, 157 bridges and train tracks, 130 primary power plants, 249 nurseries, 139 social welfare buildings, 100 hospitals and clinics, and 1,708 elementary schools.

1991: American planes bomb the Amiriyah shelter in Baghdad, leading to the death of dozens of women, children and elderly people.

2005: The organization Human Rights Watch publishes a report that reveals a torture scandal in Abu Ghraib prison and Guantanamo prison, where every type of torture was employed: pouring liquid chemicals on detainees; pouring hot or cold water on the detainees' naked bodies; sodomy; forcing detainees to act out sexual scenes with one another; leaving detainees naked for days at a time; dressing detainees in women's clothing; sleep deprivation; and forcing detainees to sit on broken glass bottles.

This is the picture. I give this to every human rights council and freedom committee that is proud of American democracy and the Arab Spring that America unleashed in the Middle East. I also convey this message to the American people, the Egyptian people and all peoples of the world, so that they all may know who the true criminal is, and who truly is the official sponsor of terrorism!

These are some of the terrorist crimes committed by the United States against innocent citizens around the world.