More than $100 billion worth of Iranian capital has been frozen due to sanctions imposed by Western countries headed by America in response to Iran’s development of nuclear weapons. Longstanding sanctions have put a tight squeeze on Iran’s foreign trade, commercial dealings, technological exchange and economic development. Presently, Iran is in dire need of capital and new technology to exploit the black gold available beneath its scorching desert sands. Getting the economic wheels spinning faster, giving rise to the free flow of human and material resources, would work to get Iran back to its usual business with the world. Liberating the capital that was frozen would give a weary economy a speedy recovery.

The Islamic State has been deeply entrenched in Iraq for a long time now, and the White House dreads the thought of once again getting sucked into the vortex of war in the country because Obama cannot, and dares not, send troops to wage large-scale war in the area, as his predecessor, George W. Bush did; hence the birth of the “bright idea” to take advantage of Iran’s predicament and put the squeeze on Tehran.

According to The Wall Street Journal, before the Iran nuclear treaty was reached, Obama sent out a tacit signal to Iran’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, baiting him and Iran into doing the dirty work of attacking the Islamic State group for America. In a letter, Obama stated that cooperation in this matter would be conducive to coming to terms on the Iran nuclear issue. In the return letter, Khamenei’s attitude was quite positive as he hinted that the U.S. should devote itself to lifting the sanctions it had placed on the country. Obama apparently took the hint as he immediately relaxed the sanctions during the Iran nuclear negotiations. Obama provided many grace periods and ultimately gave Iran a big fat “gift” in the form of a bilateral agreement. Obama’s “subtle move” was “to fight evil with evil,” in that the plan could both weaken Iran’s power and make the Islamic State group headache disappear, thus preserving the good name etched onto his “peace prize.” One could say this is the paragon of “Yes We Can” and “Change We Can Believe In” hard at work.

Iraq Has Issued a Warning to the Islamic State Group

Before the outbreak of World War II, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill saw widespread murder carried out by Germany and sent ambassadors to express goodwill toward Germany while simultaneously disseminating questionable information through the media and inciting misgivings between the Nazis and Stalin through his spies in the hopes that Germany would shift its sites toward Moscow and away from London. Hitler saw right through Churchill’s scheme, and sensing England’s fear, Hitler ordered a total invasion, hitting England with a powerful blitzkrieg of bombs and shells.

Over the past several years, Obama has repeatedly extended nuclear negotiation deadlines. Once an agreement was reached, it was likely to be due largely to “gift giving.” One could say it is a case of “being wiser than your forbearers,” and creating a justification for your actions. The Republicans in Congress believe that “bribing” one’s enemy is like raising a tiger in your bedroom; sooner or later you’ll get bit. Then there’s Obama losing his American credibility in taking a strong stand, as new political forces have arisen to oppose him.

America and Iran share a common interest in their fight against the Islamic State group. They both wish to see the Iraqi government controlled by the Shiite sect. Iran hopes that Western countries can lift their sanctions as soon as possible, which would unleash the full potential of the country’s oil resources to aid in its economic development. The White House, on the other hand, hopes Tehran can attack the Islamic State group, and in doing so remove the source of Washington’s headache. Although the U.S. and Iran continue to stress that there is no “war pact” between them, under-the-table collaboration is frankly an “open secret.” High-ranking Iranian military officers have recently issued rare warnings to the Islamic State group, which shows that Obama’s tactics have already taken effect.

Airstrikes Spurring the Islamic State Group and al-Qaida To Join Forces against America

In a televised press conference, Obama vowed to attack Islamic State group forces, and through a comprehensive and protracted anti-terrorist war strategy, fight on to the bitter end until the entire organization is razed to the ground. America first employed "carpet bombing" airstrikes, followed by the usual bombastic rhetoric of "No matter where it may be hiding, the U.S. Air Force will not hesitate to take any action necessary to contain terror." However, up to now, Obama has admitted that airstrikes will not have the anticipated impact, as he underestimated the strength of the Islamic State group. What's worse, America's continued airstrikes on the Islamic State group have sent al-Qaida and the Islamic State group running into each other's arms, and now the two have made a pact to join forces in resistance against the United States.

The Wall Street Journal has revealed that Obama wants to use the Islamic State group to sap Syria and Iran's strength, thereby extracting political and economic gain from their conflict. What America wants least would be for the Arab world to unite, thus making it extremely difficult for Washington to control Middle Eastern oil, so it continues to prop up Israel, not to mention the fact that it incited eight years of war between Iran and Iraq; all with one goal in mind — profit.

As the greatest military power, and the number one nuclear power, no nation on earth other than Russia could possibly threaten Washington, yet the White House has unceasingly proclaimed that "Iran poses a threat to American national security," which is the excuse that America has used to con itself as well as the rest of the world. Now Obama has changed the tune of his rhetoric, proclaiming, "friendship" with Iran is "good for America's national security."