There is bone-chilling information in the documents Hillary Clinton was forced to hand over to the American Department of Justice in the investigation in which she is the target due to her actions as Obama's secretary of state.

An example is a "secret memo" sent in March 2002 by then-Secretary of State Colin Powell, to his president, George W. Bush, assuring that conducting a war against Iraq would always be supported by the British prime minister at the time, Tony Blair. "The United Kingdom will follow our lead," Powell wrote, thus assuring Bush that he could start preparing the war when he hosted Blair at his Crawford ranch, which took place at the end of that March.

This information, which now runs right by the international news agencies, has the ingredients of a bomb, but not a bomb that explodes in the ears and eyes of the world’s citizens; it is doubtful that it will even reach the majority of them. Powell's memo reveals that the United States and United Kingdom had already decided what they would do one year before the invasion of Iraq.

This proves that the sanctions against the Iraqi people, the staging of negotiations, and the famous evidence of the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraqi territory — which Powell himself took on the responsibility of fabricating and taking to the U.N. — were maneuvers and hoaxes to serve as a pretext for a decision that was already made.

The Lajes Summit, which the Barroso government in Portugal agreed to host, takes on, in this light, an even more embarrassing profile for Portuguese and European diplomacy, as it was conducted to pretend to the world that an already-decided decision was to be made. It was a make-believe game that, days later, led to the beginning of a slaughter of millions of human beings, which is long from over.

In March 2002, NATO troops were already bogging down in the conflict in Afghanistan to supposedly combat the Taliban, which in turn was sheltering bin Laden, a criminal created by the United States' intelligence services, and who is identified in that same country as the person responsible for Sept. 11, 2001. In changing the target to Iraq, the gangsters in Washington — a tie-wearing version of the Old West gunslingers for the consumption of the new West — came to accuse Saddam Hussein of being an accomplice of bin Laden and al-Qaida, respectively, when the two were archenemies, which soon was proven. The United States and its most outspoken NATO allies barely had taken Baghdad and hung Saddam before the Iraqi territory became the base for a plethora of terrorist groups, where not only many variations on al-Qaida thrived, but the notorious Islamic State group was born.

Documents such as Powell's "secret memo" help to see how today's wars are promoted. To launch those of Libya and Syria, no secretary of state's writing was even necessary: The door of lies was wide open.

The Middle East, which was already a powder keg in March 2002, degenerated into a center of military instability, in the midst of which it is easy to detect more than enough fuses to trigger a global war. Those responsible are known and should be held to account in courts that punish crimes against humanity.

However, George W. Bush and Collin Powell are living with golden pensions, a scent we are familiar with from Barroso, ranging from the evil deeds at the head of the European Commission to the Bilderberg Group, a council of imperial conspiracy on which he received a permanent seat.

And Blair? Thirteen years after saying that he would "follow the leader" in the devastation of the Middle East, he is the head of the Quartet on the Middle East, a ludicrous organization that, faithful to Israeli interest and binding the United States, the European Union, the U.N. and Russia together, pretends that the so-called international community will continue to search for a solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Not only because of this fraud, but due to it in part as well, we are witnessing the cynical and outrageous situation of seeing a Palestinian flag waving from the masts of the U.N. headquarters, at a time when the Palestinians are ever farther from their independent and functioning state.

In Europe and the United States, we are governed by gangsters and liars.