There are many in the American media who claim to be impartial and upstanding but do not dare speak out against or question what took place in the United States in 2015. Roughly 353 shooting incidents occurred, with an average of four people killed each time. But it’s no wonder. Why have these daily shooting incidents occurred in the past few years? Let us be more precise, and turn to the site that specializes in tallying shootings in America. The year 2015 alone saw the deaths of 462 people and the injury of 1,314 others in attacks of this kind. There was a total of 994 shooting incidents over a three-year period. Why? It comes down to America’s reality and the accessibility of weapons — accessible even to children. According to the site which solely monitors the daily and frequent shooting incidents, this resulted in 363 incidents in 2013, and 336 in 2014.

Even more stunning is the fact that 36,800 Americans were affected by shootings in 2015 alone, with a regretfully unbelievable number of 12,191 deaths.

The American media do not discuss this, so it is not fair to ask why American politicians avoid going to the heart of the problem facing the United States. Why would they dare to talk about restrictions on the acquisition of weapons?

The reason stems from the funding of election campaigns by the firearm companies whose national organization coordinates lobbies to prevent any legislation limiting the sale and purchase of arms that might cripple their income.

This gun lobby inspires fear even in some American media professionals who are always touting freedom of speech, objectivity, fairness and human rights.

Here we must understand how Western media work, and realize that they are not fair and objective as we thought they were, particularly when it comes to dealing with concerns and issues that are relevant to most of us.

Now is the time to tackle the chaos of the accessibility of weapons of all kinds in America, and put forth laws and regulations to protect innocent people from dying each day. I say to the American media and lawmakers: Do you not notice that your streets are no longer safe?