For those following what’s going on in the Arab world, it’s no longer a secret how involved the United States is in the calamities through its supply of the latest weaponry to states that engage in terrorism, spread chaos and seek to destroy Arab nations directly or indirectly.

What’s happening in Syria and Yemen – the killing of civilians and systematic destruction of both countries’ institutions – is a perfect example of U.S.-Saudi involvement in terrorist acts and in spreading terrorism to achieve strategic agendas planned in advance for the region.

The new evidence of America’s involvement supporting Saudi terrorism is the U.S. Defense Department’s agreement to sell the Saudis a new weapons package worth around $1.15 billion in order to supplement large shipments that the Saudi criminals already obtained. Use of these weapons (e.g., U.S. smart bombs) in shelling Yemeni installations and neighborhoods played a major role in the killing of thousands of Yemeni children and destroying the infrastructure of the Yemeni people, thereby smashing against a wall all of the international laws prohibiting the use of these weapons in bombing civilians.

The Saudis, who embrace an extreme ideology based on death and destruction and nourish the takfiri,* terrorist organizations that implement the agenda of their masters in the White House, are giving these advanced weapons to their terrorist affiliates in Syria, Iraq and Libya. Responsibility for the criminal acts Syria is witnessing falls on the Saudis, who announce publicly that they are supporting the terrorists in Syria known as the Moderate Rebels. Washington also bears responsibility for spilling Syrian blood because it provides all sorts of lethal weapons to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states that support criminal, takfiri organizations in Syria.

The bloody, conspiratorial history of the Saudis confirms that they are the reason the Arab nation suffers from dissolution, setbacks and wars – among Arabs and with neighbors, like Saddam’s war against Iran. Everyone knows that the weapons Saudi Arabia imports have never been pointed at the enemy of the Arabs – Israel; on the contrary, petrodollars are only set aside to bankroll lethal weapons used in the destruction of Arab states and peoples. This is the essence of Saudi policy in the region.

* Editor’s note: One concise definition of the term “takfiri” is “a Sunni Muslim who accuses another Muslim (or an adherent of another Abrahamic faith) of apostasy."