"The victories of Russia's Olympic athletes shook the world," said Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee. "These games have become a symbol of unity," he said at the closing ceremony for the 2016 Summer Olympics.*

Both of these statements are lies of monstrous proportions. Long before the opening ceremony, the games in Rio had already become a massive quarrel between Russia and those Western countries that had decided to subject Russia to sanctions.

Olympic sanctions were imposed upon us because Russia had been politically incorrect.

Therefore, the 31st Olympic Games became a symbol of discord, disorder, scandal, and violence against us. What a symbol of unity they are, when they are at the same time a symbol of conflict!

The victories of Russian athletes happened by chance, breaking through amid the general milieu of athletic mediocrity. What is synchronized swimming? It's some kind of ballet nonsense, a few well-drilled movements, but it's not a sport of any kind. That stuff certainly didn't shake the world.

Bach was playing the role of the obscene diplomat, the truth masseuse, spitting on his fingers, rubbing them together, and spreading it over the Russian Olympians.

Shameless Bach knew who'd had their meat stolen and refused to take a side. He couldn't bring himself to criticize the athletic sanctions leveled against Russia.

And he's still massaging the truth today. He's lying about the "world" being "shaken."

I do hope that the world is at least a little bit shaken by the unceremonious arrogance of the West, which decided to stomp inside the house of sport with their muddy boots on.

The United States of America has gotten what it wanted.

They've reached an unsurpassable height, having won vastly more medals than Russia. They've won with the help of all their lies.

But Russia, rather than kicking off and refusing to join, headed off to her humiliation, like a classic sucker. To hell with it all!

*Translator’s note: The original quotation, accurately translated, could not be verified.