Year after year, the fallout in the United States garners world attention. The U.S. presidential election is no longer an internal affair; it is substantiating the world’s opinion that the U.S. has become a prevailing source of evil throughout the world. Ultimately, its effects will expand and affect all five continents and the world’s seas, islands and oceans.

Over past decades, the U.S. presidential institution garnered prestige for its internal policies and international endeavors. However, it was tarnished during the presidency of Bill Clinton, who sullied the office after dozens of affairs and the Monica Lewinsky scandal. He did not hesitate to air his dirty laundry in public as the most powerful man in the country.

Obama began his presidency in the midst of wars and acted as a witty preacher, offering eloquent speeches that promised radical reforms. This proved to be political demagoguery as he could not put these words into action. Thus, Obama seemed to be a superficial covering over the intractable lobbies, the Senate and Congress.

Obama will leave the presidency with the same legacy that marked the Clinton administration. This will continue with Clinton’s wife who, while less known, still seems weak in comparison with the arrogant and aggressive lobbies and diplomatic institutions as she fails to move beyond speech and into action.

Still, it is the right-wing candidate, Donald Trump, who is now spearheading the undermining of the moral and ethical values of the presidential institution. He has done so through incrimination and abuse of his rival, Hillary Clinton, according to the public body that advocates for ethical standards in the presidential election.

The billionaire dared to demand, during a televised rally, that Clinton take a blood test to check for steroids, and he did not hesitate to use psychological terms to remind the public of her unfaithful husband.

In doing so, Trump struck a fatal blow to his candidacy. There is no longer a minimum moral standard for anyone, and no public official, even the president, is immune from such stultifying verbal abuse.

This is what’s currently happening in the race for the White House. The facts attest that this has affected the public’s opinion of all American government employees who work within the control of lobbyists over the financial, military, security and media complexes. These institutions in turn cast a shadow over the state. With a strong dollar, the government’s banks are aligned with the International Monetary Fund, the Inter-American Development Bank, the World Trade Organization and the global media, as they do the bidding of unruly transnational corporations.