False or fake news on popular social networks has generated trouble for nine employees of the Tanzanian Broadcasting Corporation after they aired the false information, spread by Fox News Network, that President of the United States Donald Trump had praised the good work of President John Magafuli and upheld him as a good example for the rest of Africa.

Executive Director of the TBC Dr. Ayoub Rioba, confirmed speculations by taking the opportunity to briefly state, “several people have indeed been sacked regarding this issue.”

Those sacked were Elizabeth Mramba, Gabriiel Zacharia, Prudence Constantine, Dorothy Mmari, Ramadhani Mpenda, Leya Mushi, Alpha Wawa, Chunga Ruza, and Judica Losai.

Also, Fox News has aired reports claiming that the new president of Zambia has been killed, despite these statements not being supported by any facts.