Scientists from the University of Pittsburgh reveal a worrying truth about the misuse of technology:

"The more time spent on social networks and different platforms, the more likely it is to lead to social isolation.”

Mental health problems and social isolation are at a record high among young people, warns Brian Primack, director of the study. The vast amount of time spent on social media is replacing real life, and perhaps more personal interactions.

The fact is, the more time a person spends "online," the less time and interest a person possesses in communicating with the real world. Technology provokes negative feelings, such as the feelings you have when you see photos of your friends having fun together and you weren’t invited.

Similarly, seeing what others falsely idealize leads to feelings of jealousy, and you trick yourself into believing that their lives are happier and more successful than yours.

Technology is neither bad nor good, it is you who decides to use it well or decides to allow yourself to become a slave to it and let it depersonalize you.