For the past two days, the world has been berating Trump for backing out of the Paris climate agreement.

Trump has stated that global warming is a Chinese scam with the goal of harming Americans.

Even if it is, it was greatly publicized by the U.S. itself. Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore’s documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” definitely shocked people.

Trump is a careful planner and backing out must have been a calculated move.

He understands the psychological nature of people, that they do not actually practice what they preach when they say they are against pollution. He might have also calculated that in the upcoming elections more oil barons will donate money to him and more oil rig workers will vote for him, making America great and Trump even greater.

Some countries, like Russia, have signed the agreement, but global warming brings more benefits than harm to them, especially with the melting of the northern polar ice caps – ice-free seaways have been formed and even Japan is secretly glad.

We (Malaysians) are only concerned with two things. Firstly, that the rivers where we get our water from are not polluted so that there are no frequent water supply disruptions, and secondly, that the haze never comes.

In simple terms, we are only opposed to the pollution in our own backyard; love for Mother Earth is something far, far away.

Some people are not even sincere in opposing pollution; they are, on the face of it, against rare earths and anti-petrochemicals, but in reality, they just want to become big shots.*

Trump is a real villain. A real villain is much better than a hypocrite.

*Editor's note: "Rare earths" refers to the 17 rare earth elements which are mostly used in electronics. The mining of these rare earths is a major source of pollution.