Rejecting U.S. accusations against Pakistan’s intelligence agency, the Chinese foreign ministry has urged the U.S. to fully acknowledge Islamabad’s efforts in the war against terrorism.

According to the Chinese foreign ministry, Pakistan is on the front line in the war against terrorism for which it has made many sacrifices. The Chinese foreign ministry has expressed hope that Pakistan and the U.S. will cooperate with each other in the war against terrorism on the basis of mutual respect.

Recently, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and head of the U.S. Armed Forces Gen. Joseph Dunford accused Pakistan’s intelligence agency of having links with terrorists. Previously, President Donald Trump said that Pakistan provides protection to terrorists, and Pakistan has strongly denied the U.S. allegations. The recent statement of the Chinese foreign ministry in support of Pakistan’s denial provides great moral support for Pakistan.

The denial of Pakistan’s sacrifices is regrettable, and a source of pain for just individuals in the world. The statement of the Chinese foreign ministry shows regard for justice and reflects reality. In the U.S. itself, there is no lack of people who acknowledge Pakistan’s sincerity and good intentions in the war against terrorism. What is happening is that the administration of President Donald Trump views terrorism and the Afghan issue through India’s spectacles. If India were to acknowledge Pakistan’s sacrifices today, the U.S. would also change what it is saying.

The hollowness of the U.S.-Afghan policy is also being openly talked about at the international level. The other day, even former Afghan President Hamid Karzai, a plant installed by the U.S. itself, openly stated that the U.S. is furnishing arms to the Islamic State, and that the Islamic State group is using U.S. military bases in Afghanistan. Russia has also pronounced the U.S. a supporter of the extremist organization.

The relationship between the Islamic State group and the Afghan terrorists is no secret. The disclosures by Karzai and Russia are posing a worrisome question for Pakistan: Could America start using the Islamic State group in Pakistan to help RAW, with the objective of destabilizing Pakistan and undermining the CPEK project?*

*Editor’s note: RAW is the acronym for the Indian intelligence agency. CPEK is believed to stand for the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, a group of infrastructure projects currently under construction throughout Pakistan.