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Seeking Translators

Dear Reader,

Watch­ing Amer­ica depends on the work of extra­or­di­nary and tal­ented vol­un­teer trans­la­tors who are excited by help­ing us pio­neer a new par­a­digm in media. Together, we are break­ing down the final bar­rier — the lan­guage bar­rier — in the world’s press .

We are presently seek­ing trans­la­tors. All our vol­un­teers trans­late and, in many cases actu­ally find, as many or as few arti­cles as suits their sched­ule and level of interest.

If you like the thought of bring­ing to the English-speaking world sto­ries that oth­er­wise would never be read in the United States — sto­ries that will be seen by mak­ers of pol­icy and mak­ers of opin­ion — then please write to us.

Per­haps you would like to strengthen your resume by work­ing on such a pres­ti­gious project as Ref­er­ences and let­ters of rec­om­men­da­tion from Watch­ing Amer­ica have a great value as we are widely rec­og­nized as an A-list provider of news, and the only online aggre­ga­tor of trans­lated for­eign news about the United States.

What­ever your moti­va­tion for con­tribut­ing your edit­ing and lan­guage skills to Watch­ing Amer­ica, please use our Con­tact email at the bottom of the page, and join our team of pioneers.

Yours sin­cerely,

Robin Koerner

Founder, Pub­lisher