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Upcoming Talks Among China, Japan and the U.S.

July 7, 2009 // - China - Chinese

On July 2, 2009, reprinted an article posted on reporting on the first official trilateral policy discussions between China, Japan and the United States. The impending summit indicates that these three countries are looking to renew their strategic, cooperative relationship. [Read more]

U.S. Declined to Make Rules for Internet Warfare

July 7, 2009 // Xinhua Net - China - Chinese

The arms race with the United States caused the collapse of the USSR. What are Russia’s chances of winning in the current internet battlefield? Following land, sea, air, and space, the internet has become the new battleground, where world powers continue to compete in an arms race. According to a recent report from [Read more]

Michael Jackson Returned to His Own Planet

July 2, 2009 // Sina - China - Chinese

On June 25th, American Eastern time in the afternoon, I felt strangely ill at ease, so I read some materials about mysticism. When the news of Michael Jackson’s death came out, the meaning of the title of the news report from the Associated Press was profound: He Is Not Only the King of Pop. One fan in Los Angeles [Read more]

America and the Taliban Fight Over the Internet

June 27, 2009 // People's Daily - China - Chinese

As The Associated Press reported, U.S. forces in Afghanistan have launched a Facebook page, a Twitter page, and a YouTube page in an effort to combat the Taliban's growing use of internet propaganda by communicating their missions in Afghanistan to the world via cyberspace. Since President Obama entered the White [Read more]

Fast and Furious Health Care Reform

June 26, 2009 // Sohu - China - Chinese

The U.S. is undergoing its more expansive public health care reform in 40 years. It will cost a lot of money and will involve so many interests in order to provide medical coverage to 46,000 uninsured Americans. While the schedule to discuss the medical reform is ready, the U.S. Congress will officially begin to [Read more]
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