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The “American Myth” Has Lost Its Luster

April 3, 2009 // Huanqiu Shibao - China - Chinese

Edward Gibbons noted in The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire that decadence, greed and moral decay were important reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire. Today’s America has already become a second Roman Empire- that is to say, moral decay has become an important reason for the fall of America. [Read more]

Struggle for the Floor at G20 Summit

April 2, 2009 // The - China - Chinese

Zhou Xiaochuan’s recent article caused widespread concern, the cause of which is deep worry about the Fed’s recent announcement that it would heavily purchase U.S. bonds while the connotation is China’s appeal for reform in the irrational global economic system. Before the G20 summit that will be held on April [Read more]

Effects of U.S. Recession: Dropping Divorce Rate

March 25, 2009 // People - China - Chinese

According to latest report in Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao, the economic recession has gradually changed the way Americans live. These changes have negative effects, such as the dropping of business in department stores and the sluggishness of the employment market But, there are also positive influences, such as a [Read more]

Obama is Destroying the Foundation of Wealth Creation

March 24, 2009 // The Epoch Times - China - Chinese

A while after Obama took office, according to his words and deeds at the time (such as keeping the Bush administration's defense minister and refusal to raise taxes in times of economic recession and so on), I wrote an article claiming that Obama needs centrists’ support to accomplish his ambition, which is to get [Read more]
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