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Why Did Washington Hinder the Drones Deal?

March 5, 2015 // Addustour - - Arabic

It is not strange that Washington prohibited the export of drones to Jordan, despite the war Jordan is waging and that the war is not solely Jordan’s war in the region and in the world. The U.S. magazine Foreign Policy mentioned that Jordan forwarded a request to purchase Predator drones in spring of 2014; the [Read more]

White House, I Don’t Believe You

March 4, 2015 // al-Ghad - Jordan - Arabic

The United States says that it is leading an international coalition against the terrorist organization, “the Islamic State group.” The White House confirms this and stresses its rejection of terrorism and extremism no matter its form, origin or source. The U.S. president appears gloomy, of course, after having [Read more]

Uncertainty about Winning the War Against Terrorism

March 4, 2015 // Al Ghad - Jordan - Arabic

Although the United States — which is armed, capable and powerful — lowered its ceiling of expectations from the war that it began waging against terrorism, and announced before its airstrikes campaign that its targets don’t exceed the purpose of weakening the Islamic State and curbing its surge, some among us [Read more]

The Sunni from Awakenings’ Perspective!

February 2, 2015 // al-Ghad - Jordan - Arabic

What The New York Times has published lately is nothing new. It mentions the signs and indications of what has taken over the American stance toward Syria during the most recent period that embodies granting priority to fighting the Islamic State and Nusra Front in Syria at the expense of ousting President Assad, an [Read more]

Changing Sides: Incomprehensible

January 22, 2015 // al-Ghad - Jordan - Arabic

America is silent about — or perhaps even complicit in — Iran’s ever increasing influence during the recent period. In interviews, President Obama has signaled that the American administration does not want to clash with Tehran. It acknowledges the role Tehran is playing in Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen, yet promises [Read more]

The Ghosts’ War

January 19, 2015 // Al Ghad - Jordan

The meeting of the European ministers of interior and justice on the eve of the big Paris rally and the announcement of American President Barack Obama’s intention to call for an international summit to discuss the situation of the war on terrorism all reinforces returning once again to the atmosphere which prevailed [Read more]
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