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This American Lie

May 6, 2016 // Al-Watan - Oman - Arabic

Why are the Democratic and Republican parties arguing, when they clearly agree about grand strategy, the safety and security of Israel, crushing the Arabs, crippling their capacities and prospects, preventing them from realizing their lofty goals, and similarly obstructing Russia, China and Europe?

Delusion and the Illusion of Power

March 14, 2016 // Al-Watan - Oman - Arabic

Many scholars of history agree that empires resemble human life: They develop, and then enter adolescence and their prime, bringing together elements of their power. Finally, they begin to recede until reaching old age and end up dying, or at best shriveling away. Intellectuals said this in the time of Plato and [Read more]

Russian Intervention Exposes 60-Member Coalition

January 14, 2016 // Al-Watan - Oman - Arabic

Russian military intervention has impacted the hunt for remnants of terrorist organizations in Syria and has attacked Syrian infrastructure. The facts on the ground collide with the supposed axis formed by the United States, which claims victories and progress there and in Iraq. After the Russian military [Read more]
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