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Welcome to the Graveyard for Empire

February 5, 2009 // Lianhe Zaobao - Singapore - Chinese

On January 27, as Robert Gates, the Secretary of Defense, was giving his testimony at the Senate, he confirmed the information released by the spokesman of the White House a day earlier. That is, the President-appointed expert group led by Gates is dwelling on plans to actualize Obama’s promise from his inaugural [Read more]

Follow the Money Trail

January 24, 2009 // Lianhe Zaobao - Singapore - Chinese

As the military action in Gaza escalates, Obama continues to keep his “deafening silence” (Guardian, 4 January 2009). This oblivion, when juxtaposed with the loud and clear statements he made on the Mumbai terrorist attacks, rendered his explanation of he “would not intervene in the delicate negotiations carried [Read more]

Those American Presidents…

January 7, 2009 // Lianhe Zaobao - Singapore - Chinese

The infamous Watergate scandal shocked the world and the American political scene off their chairs in the 1970s. The scandal led to the early resignation of Richard Nixon, the Republican president then in his second term, under the threat of impeachment. In fact, Nixon had never been popular among Americans. It was [Read more]

Is Keynes Back?

December 25, 2008 // Lianhe Zaobao - Singapore - Chinese

President-elect Barack Obama has no choice but to return to Keynesian economics. It is not because President Bush has mobilized the whole government and spent lots of cash to rescue difficult financial and insurance sectors, but because only the government can solve current economic problems. If Obama must spend $1 [Read more]

The U.S. Will…China Should…

December 23, 2008 // Lianhe Zaobao - Singapore - Chinese

We should let Americans get to know China better. We could sponsor columns on China in the mainstream newspapers... Only through better understanding could such disputes be minimized.
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