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Obama, Osama: Same fight, According to Fox News

June 1, 2008 // Afrik - France - French

Hillary Clinton’s blunder has left a trail. The senator from New York explained that she was staying the course in the democratic primaries notably, because in June 1968 Robert Kennedy was assassinated. This was an announcement that some had interpreted as a secret desire for harm to come to Barack Obama, her rival [Read more]

Are We Standing On The Threshold of Post-Americanism?

May 25, 2008 // L'Express - France - French

One of America’s greatest paradoxes is the divergence between a commonly shared opinion, which does not like to ask itself too many questions, and an intelligentsia that is more and better at self-reflection than anywhere else. While the savage marketing of the election campaigns and the jousting for power between [Read more]

Five Exit Routes for Hillary Clinton

May 17, 2008 // Le Figaro - France - French

The comic David Letterman sums up Hillary Clinton's position in the Democratic primaries thusly: "She has a comfortable lead in the state of denial." Even though the Senator from New York seems to be irremediably outdistanced by Barack Obama, she is continuing her campaign as though nothing is wrong. Right now, just a [Read more]

Jerry Mitchell, Ghost Hunter

May 14, 2008 // Le Monde - France - French

He has nothing to do with hunting primes. Jerry Mitchell doesn’t talk a lot, display an intractable smile and doesn’t brag about anything. Seated at his desk in the editing room of the Clarion Ledger, the major daily newspaper for Mississippi, located in Jackson, he says he is simply “an ordinary guy, an easy [Read more]

The Calculations of Hillary Clinton

May 3, 2008 // Le Figaro - France - French

Hillary Clinton is playing “all-out” in the primary elections in Pennsylvania. In this state where she is the favorite, it is not enough for her to win. She must take a sufficiently dazzling victory in order to reverse the course of things and present herself as the candidate who, without her, the Democrats will [Read more]

America and Others

April 28, 2008 // Le Figaro - France - French

America does not have easy access to the exterior world. Both east and west, the next country is thousands of kilometers on the other side of an ocean. To the north and south, separated by abstract borders, are two countries that Americans have always decided to take less than seriously: they see the Canadians as [Read more]

Haro on Barack Obama

April 27, 2008 // La Monde Diplomatique - France - French

A priori, there is nothing more banal than the declarations of Mr. Barack Obama’s estimate, last April 6th, that the bitterness of middle-class Americans who are victims of unemployment or the fall of purchasing power has sometimes led them to, “cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them [Read more]
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