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Iraq: The Worst is Yet to Come

April 11, 2007 // 24 heures - France - French

Yellowed images and memories that are finally fading. Anniversaries usually serve to bring to the surface a past that has little by little been slipping away. The date of April 9, which is when American troops entered Baghdad, doesn't fulfill that purpose. The images are still current. They are filled with blood and [Read more]

The 'Stain' on America is a Stain on Us All

February 6, 2007 // 24 Heures - France - French

The arbitrary detention of prisoners in Guantanamo is a disgraceful stain the reputation of the United States. But the really tiresome thing about disgraceful stains is that they are like easily transmissible diseases. We have seen two recent examples. The first is the matter of Confederation government ministries [Read more]

The Candidate and Her Companion, American style

January 22, 2007 // 24 heures - France - French

A candidate for the presidency with a cumbersome spouse … is it Deja vu? The comparison stops there. Hillary Rodham Clinton is no Segolene Royal [female Frencg presidential candidate]. The senator from New York doesn't need a Arnaud Montebourg to know that the way in which she manages Bill's legacy will be a [Read more]

Imperialism: Europe and America 'Inherit the Storm'

August 24, 2006 // 24 Heures - France - French

In truly every way, Europe has set seeds to the wind. And in these distressing days of open or incipient war and terrorism, Europe dreads to inherit the storm ... with the catastrophic reinforcement of the American hawks." Astonished, then attentive, Europe observes the literary tide coming from India. Heralded by the [Read more]

'No More Blank Checks' for Bush

June 30, 2006 // 24 Heures - France - French

GUANTANAMO: American Supreme Court verdict - The president went beyond his executive powers by instituting special tribunals. Does the war against terrorism justify anything? Even the horrors and the torture? After the shock of September 11, 2001, the people of the United States followed their president as though they [Read more]

'The Guantanamo Machine Gets Jammed'

June 12, 2006 // 24 Heures - France - French

A prisoner found dead in his cell. A nightmare for any warden. Among all of the means of escape, suicide is a challenge to any prison system, and Guantanamo is no exception to this traditional scenario. The most high-tech prison camp in the world has failed its mission. Under the watchful gaze of hundreds of cameras, [Read more]

American Winery Inflicts Ultimate Defeat on French

May 26, 2006 // 24 heures - France - French

What is left for France? Its economy is struggling, its government is being torn apart from within. What does it have left? Wine, of course! And for France, there was just one question of supremacy left to settle: is the best nectar in the world a Bordeaux, a Burgundy or a Guigal côte rôtie? This domination was [Read more]

Unilateralism: a Concept That Repeatedly Fails

March 31, 2006 // 24 Heures - France - French

George W. Bush going to war against Saddam Hussein's Iraq; first Ariel Sharon, then Ehud Olmert deciding to pull out of Gaza (and soon, undoubtedly, a part of the West Bank as well), without bothering to negotiate with the Palestinians; French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin imposing without any consultation the [Read more]
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